Bunker In Must Haves & Supporting Sales

Bunker In Must Haves & Supporting Sales

Hey everyone! Going to keep this short, mainly because time is not something I have a lot of in this current situation. 4 kids at home, 2 in full day e-learning, trying to keep the younger two away from their older siblings and also prevent constant ipad use…in additional to work, regular household chores, etc is proving to be challenging for sure!

I know we all have our own unique situations, that come with their own challenges. I believe that each day will get a little easier as we figure out routines and just how to make this work.

But in the meantime I am going to try and give myself a little grace, and recommend you all do the same! We are in this together and the most important thing above all else is to stay safe and healthy!

Bunker In Must Haves & Supporting Sales

Today I picked up orders from Target & Michael’s realizing our craft supplies were drastically low, and Amazon shipping times are just not what they usually are with everything going on and the whole world probably buying similar items!

One of my main goals for my older kids is keeping them comfortable in their rooms so they can easily get their work done without distractions. They both got a new diffuser from Target, and ways to organize their school work.

A total game changer is our Alexa dot, setting up timers, playing background sounds like the ocean or rainforest, or dropping in on “Mommy’s dot” in the kitchen when they need something, so they’re not coming down with every question and instead I can run up! If you don’t have one now is the time!

Another place to score some fun crafts fast is Michael’s. They have order pickup or shipping options, and are running a BOGO 50% right now on select items!

Onto another topic, so many stores for good reason are closing their physical stores. And at the same time many of these stores are offering up amazing sales with the hope people keep shopping online!

I wanted to highlight a couple of my faves below, with a focus on comfy clothes you can wear now, and hopefully as soon as it warms up when we can get outside again!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Andrea Denes

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