Christmas Decor Themes to Shop Now

Okay so I swear I’m not crazy and know it’s only mid-October! But as a blogger I’m slightly forced to plan my Christmas decor super early so I can get the content up with plenty of time to shop! Plus who doesn’t love seeing when all the cute little frosted trees and pretty little ornaments hit the sites!

While I was shopping for myself I decided there was too much good stuff to not share this year. I even broke it down into three different holiday themes depending on how you want to decorate this year! I definitely know which way I’m leaning and am pretty excited to deck out the halls of my house this year!

I know its early so keep on scrolling if you just aren’t ready for Christmas quite yet, I get it! But for the shoppers who want to get ahead of the game…especially because I know the cute stuff always goes faster than you think…I say let’s shop now and not have to worry come decorating time! I’m all for making life easier and for me that’s always planning sometimes WAY ahead!

Andrea Denes

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