How To Discover Your Interior Design Style

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the beautiful images of your favorite home magazine or online design boards when figuring out how to decorate your space. This is especially true if you don’t know your interior design style. With all the many ideas, choices, and decorating tips out there, it’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to decorating a room if you’re not sure how to categorize your style.

Bluestone front porch with wooden hanging porch swing, house painted in Benjamin Moore smoke embers.

For some, home interior design style preferences come easier than it does for others. It’s taken me a few years to narrow down my personal style. Believe me, it didn’t come without some costly mistakes along the way. This can easily happen when you realize that not every style works together, or you’ve been placing decor in a room that you really don’t love. Oftentimes, you need to make some mistakes along the way because that’s how we learn what speaks to us and what doesn’t.

How To Discover Your Interior Design Style

Some types of Interior Design Styles

  • Contemporary interior design style.
  • Traditional interior design style.
  • Modern interior design style.
  • Industrial interior design style.
  • Minimalist interior design style.
How To Discover Your Interior Design Style

How To Discover Your Interior Design Style

Identifying and knowing my design style has helped with the choices (big and small) that I have made in both our home and at our new beach home. My design would be classified as a traditional mixed with some elements of transitional style.

bathroom with two white vanities with mirrors

This combination blends my love for mixing styles together, to create a classic, timeless look that is also casual and comfortable. Both my home and beach house include elements such a neutral color palette, organic textures, clean lines, abstract artwork, and comfortable furniture. The beach house includes more of a coastal vibe with all the same elements.

How To Discover Your Interior Design Style

When building our home we tried to keep things classic and timeless with our design decisions. We placed a lot of emphasis on comfort and hominess. Since I think its important to be able to mix styles and not limit yourself to just one type, over the years I’ve brought in more elements of transitional pieces such as my bedroom lamps, or more organic bookshelf décor items to complement a lot of traditional aspects in my home.

Finding home interior preference

Throughout the years I’ve also added some touches of coastal decor in my living spaces and dining room, such as my kitchen stools or sunroom chairs. I believe my home shows you really can blend multiple styles to create your aesthetic and find the perfect balance.

Here are some steps that will help you discover and execute your interior design style.

Step 1- What do you like?

This should be the first place you start when discovering your interior design style. Whether it’s your eye for design or the loads of inspiration that you have gathered through the years… What do you like? Is it traditional or modern, mid-century or traditional, or maybe a fun combination like a modern farmhouse? You can find inspiration from many places such as magazines, design websites or from some notable interior designers that you love, for me its Bobby Berk! It’s important to realize there is not a one size fits all approach to design, but it’s key to having a starting point for your design projects.

Step 2- Design your space

Now that you determined the category of design style you are trying to incorporate into your project or space, it’s time to make the design come to life and create a home. The overarching theme in any space that you are designing for yourself should be comfort, function, and likeability. There’s nothing worse than walking into a space that you spent so much time designing and realizing that you don’t like it.

Step 3- Build your space

After budgets are determined it’s time to start building your design. Most design styles involve a good mix of new and old. Often times ‘brand new everything’ in a room lends to a more staged and uncomfortable vibe. Mixing in elements ( furniture, accessories, or rugs) that are new and old, helps to evoke a feeling of a lived-in and comfortable space. Your goal is to apply your design style to a space that people want to use and sit in, not just to look at.

Home decor style tips

Figuring out your design sense can help make your interior home decor style cohesive. Understanding your style preference can save time, effort, and money when you are choosing furniture and decor pieces for your space. Still not sure where to begin? Maybe an on-line design quiz will help get you started to determine your overall design style. Don’t forget, you can have multiple design preferences that work well together, just as long as you love your space!

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