2020 New Decor

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year when after all the holiday decor comes down, it gives me an opportunity to refresh my home for the new year.

This time of year I’m all about focus and clear vision, and I like to reflect that in my decor as well. I love incorporating lots of white and natural, and bring in tons of greenery so I’m not totally missing all those Christmas greens.

I though I’d round up some of the fun new decor I’ve been eying for my own home, and hope it helps you as you plan out your spaces for 2020.

Amazon: Amazon has quickly become a go-to for me when it comes to home decor especially if you need it fast…and even better free! There are so many items I’ve found that are carried at other home decor shops for more and without free prime shipping!

Faux Greenery: Another must have item as I mentioned above is greenery! When I’m at Trader Joe’s, I always grab a bunch of fresh eucalyptus when its in stock. But when you can’t get the real stuff, or just want to keep it simple going into 2020 then grab some pretty faux instead!

Bookshelves: I’ve gotten so many requests for ideas for bookshelf styling, especially after all the holiday decor comes down. It can totally be overwhelming working with a blank state, but I’ve rounded up some items that will fill those shelves without breaking the bank! Don’t forget to layer in some pretty coffee table books from Amazon I linked above.

Pillows: Pillows are such a fun way to refresh a space. But nobody wants to spend $500 on a quick refresh so I’ve found some affordable items, with a neutral vibe so they can be easily incorporated to your existing pillows or decor.

Throws: Depending where you live (like those of us in freezing Chicago) you may want to hang onto those faux fur throws a little longer. So if you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, grabbing a new lighter weight throw is an easy update. Drape over a couch, throw in a basket in an empty corner and boom, style and function all wrapped into one!

Kitchen: When you’re freshening up spaces don’t forget to give your kitchen a little love! Warm up your kitchen with pretty wood cutting boards or trays.

Andrea Denes