10 Benefits Of A Pergola

We decided to add a pergola to our home after we had lived here for a year, and it’s one of my favorite parts of our yard! Read on below and I’ll share the amazing 10 benefits of a pergola!

10 Benefits Of A Pergola

As people begin to spend more time in their homes, both relaxing and entertaining guests, having the perfect outdoor area has become a necessity. Pergolas not only fulfill this goal but also come with a wide variety of benefits you may not have even thought of!

What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure typically made up of four poles and a slatted roof that provides shade similar to a gazebo.

However, a pergola actually allows some sunlight and wind in through the roof which makes it the perfect area for entertaining outdoors as well as helping to personalize your space, among other benefits.

You can even add electric for added benefits like a fan or cute string lights! It truly feels like an extension of your home, and creates a beautiful aesthetic!

10 Benefits Of A Pergola

Adding Shade

Although this is probably the most obvious benefit of a pergola, it’s also one of the most useful. Whether you’re trying to entertain guests or prevent the kids from getting a terrible sunburn, some shade in your backyard is definitely a necessity.

Even an open roof pergola with cross beams will still provide some shade on a hot day, and will still let in a cooling breeze!

Maximizing your Outdoor Space

Pergolas also help to maximize your outdoor space by providing a shaded and stylish spot for everything from entertaining guests to keeping extra storage safe from the elements.

Adding a modern pergola to your backyard will definitely make your house the designated “hang-out” spot! Especially during those sunny summer months!

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In this day and age, having privacy is beyond important, which is where pergolas come in. They supply both a stylish look to your outdoor living space while also acting as a kind of privacy fence.

They make sure your space feels much more secluded and private so you can enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family, even if you’re right next to your neighbors or on a busy street.

Rain Protection

Let’s face it – it rains. While you may currently be forced to stay inside, a pergola’s design not only provides shade but a closed roof option also protects you from rain, allowing for a variety of outdoor activities, regardless of the weather.

Vinyl pergolas would be a great choice if you live in a particularly rainy environment because they’re extremely durable and hold up really well against severe weather.

Easy to Install

Another added bonus is that pergolas are pretty easy to install as most models are made up of four simple poles and a slatted roof. There are even pergola kits that come with all the materials you need and detailed instructions!

Installing a pergola can be even easier if you attach them to other structures, like your house, deck or patio. You’ll notice that our pergola is attached to our home!

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In addition to pergolas being easy to install, they are also very easily customizable. You can attach them to various different structures, like your house, or even choose to have one by a pool.

Vinyl or wood pergolas are the main two materials that they come in but you can often choose from several different colors or shades. Plus, many people have added drop shades which provide even more protection and privacy.

Beneficial to Plants

Another component that pergolas offer are their ability to support vines, flowers, and other greenery. Perfect for any gardener, the pergola can allow plants to weave their way onto its beams.

And even up to the roof, creating a gorgeous little oasis right in your backyard.


One of the benefits of a pergola is that they are really cost-effective and much cheaper than its outdoor structure counterparts. For instance, a gazebo costs an average of $8,000.

While, according to Forbes, the average cost of a pergola is half of that!

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Increases your Homes’ Value

With the housing market so crazy right now, ensuring your house has maximized its value is definitely important. Luckily, pergolas not only add style and function but also help to add value to your property. Since many potential buyers are known to want a house with a beautiful exterior.


In my opinion the best part of our pergola is the ambiance it creates! During the day it feels like an outdoor living room. You’ll notice we even installed a fan to create a breeze during the day and helps with bugs at night!

But my favorite is definitely at night when we turn on our pergola lights! One of our favorite spots to hang as a family on a warm summer night!

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Do You Need A Permit To Build A Pergola?

The answer to this question may vary depending on where you live and the different rules for those areas. In general, if a pergola is free standing and located in an open area of grass or concrete then you may not need a permit to build.

Before you start building a pergola in your yard, you should always contact your local city/ town authorities just to make sure everything is in order! You don’t to get stuck with a hefty fine or end up having to tear your beautiful pergola down just because of some missed paperwork.

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