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Frame TVs are one of the most creative and inventive ideas that have come around in the last several years. A TV that can also be a work of art? Genius!

Not only are they functional, but they’re also a great way to make your TV blend with the rest of your aesthetics. I especially love that you can switch up the mood just by changing to different artwork.

There are tons of options when it comes to Frame TV art. So today I’m sharing the best places to get digital art for your Samsung Frame TV that looks unique and realistic.

Best Frame TV Art

Best Frame TV Art

Samsung Art Store Subscription

The Samsung Frame TV art subscription is a great option! It costs approximately $5.99/month or you can purchase specific pieces of artwork separately.

There is a massive selection of different artists, collections, and styles so you’ll be sure to find some that you’ll love! However, they can only be purchased directly through your TV.

It’s all professionally curated and really easy to use. You can search by collection, period, artist, color, and more!

Samsung Frame TV Art


Etsy is probably the most affordable option for the best frame tv art. You can find many different prints and you can buy them for as little as $1!

There are also plenty of art collections that you can purchase on Etsy ranging from sets of 12 to sets of 100 prints! I love that there are so many different print options from these sellers!

Where to buy Frame TV Art

BFF Print Shop

This shop has plenty of TV frame art to choose from and it’s still quite affordable! The site is also organized extremely well.

You can search through several different vintage categories or you can find specific photography prints. They also have categories such as color, decor style, artist collaborations, designer-curated collections, and kid’s options!

This beautiful collection is one of my favorites!

Realistic Frame TV Art


Juniper is another great place to find the best frame TV art. They are designer-curated and there are some truly beautiful and unique prints available.

They also have a wonderful page where they give clear instructions on how to download the artwork, as well as some tips and tricks! Speaking of which, be sure to purchase horizontal pieces for the best fit!

white living room

Collection Prints

Collection Prints is another option that I have used for some beautiful digital art! Their pieces are quite affordable and there are plenty of options!

You can browse through artwork from each season and there are also canvas and paper options as well as digital downloads! I especially love these winter prints for my Samsung Frame in my living room!

living room with framed art

How To Download Art For Frame TV

Step 1: Find a Shop and Pick Your Artwork

Find a print shop with artwork that you love and then follow the instructions on how to purchase the digital downloads! Don’t forget to purchase horizontal pieces for the best fit.

Step 2: Download

Step 3: Download Smart Things App

Most shops will send you a link (most likely to your email) to download the image once you’ve purchased it! Go ahead and download the image and save it to your camera roll.

After you’ve downloaded the Smart Things App, open it and select your TV device and then select “Art Mode”. (Make sure your Frame and phone are on the same wifi!) Then select “Add your Photos” from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner of the TV, find the image you saved, and select it.

Step 4: Mat or No Mat

It will ask you to choose either “Mat” or “No Mat”. In general, “No Mat” is better, but you can choose whichever one suits you!

Step 5: Set on Frame

Then select “Set on frame” and you’re done, you have successfully added art to your frame! Super easy!

If you feel like you would like to make some adjustments to the tone or color, you can do that by using the ‘art mode settings’ on the TV or in the app.

Change Art For Frame TV

How To Change Art For Frame TV

Use a USB Stick

If you would prefer to not use the app, then there is also the option to use a thumb drive. Just download the photos to the thumb drive and install the photos directly to the Samsung Frame TV by using the USB port at the bottom of the screen.

Use Your Own Photos

If you want your frame TV to show your own personal photos from your camera roll, then definitely go for it! Just follow the same instructions above and choose whatever picture you want.

Use Free Art

Once you’ve purchased the TV it comes with a few free art prints. There are some nice options but this also means that you won’t be able to choose a print that specifically fits your home’s aesthetic.

However, the frame TVs already have a decent price tag. So if you’re happy with the free art, then by all means take advantage of it!

TV art ideas

Change Your Art with the Seasons

One of the best things about the frame TV is that changing the art is simple and easy, and that means that you can update the screen to reflect each season! After all, you wouldn’t want to feature a summer print during the winter, especially amongst all of your winter decor.

Winter art on frame tv

This post features some photos of my favorite seasonal pieces of art and you can really see how each one can change the ambiance of the room. A beachy summer scene is perfect for those toasty warm months and a frame featuring Fall colors is exactly the autumn vibe that I love.

Samsung frame tv seasonal art

Changing your art with the seasons is just as important as changing your other seasonal decor, so it’s a good thing that there are so many incredible prints available featuring beautiful seasonal art! I love the moody vibe that the above print gives during the chilly Fall season.

winter prints home decor

I especially love to use these stunning winter prints during the Christmas season. They add the perfect snowy and frosty vibe to the rest of the beautiful Christmas decor, making the overall look so cozy.

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