Under Kitchen Sink Organization

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In my opinion, under the kitchen sink organization is often an overlooked task. This area is most often used as a catch-all for cleaning supplies and other kitchen necessities.

But these items come in so many different shapes and sizes, it can easily become a cluttered mess! Not to mention it is far to easy to toss any miscellaneous items without a home under the sink and completely forget about them.

However, keeping this space clean and organized is not as hard as it seems! In today’s post I’m sharing some practical tips that can help you maximize this valuable real estate.

Under Kitchen Sink Organization

Under Kitchen Sink Organization

How To Organize Under Kitchen Sink

How To Organize Under Kitchen Sink

Step 1: Empty the Cabinet

First and most important is to remove everything from the cabinet! In order to take stock of the space and make your plans, you’ll need a clear space.

Step 2: Take Inventory

Next you’ll want to take inventory of all the products you removed from the cupboard. Toss the expired, leaking or almost empty containers and organize the remaining ones into categories!

Step 3: Measure Everything

The best way to completely optimize the space is to measure everything! Measure each wall and the base, and keep in mind the areas where there may be pipes as well.

Step 4: Choose the Right Storage Containers

Stackable and see-through storage containers are the best options for under kitchen sink organization. Also, try to use pull out drawers or sliding shelves for smaller supplies and loose pieces.

Step 5: Maximize Vertical Space

Basically, use every space you have for storage. Hang items from hooks, or the cabinet door and stack your organizers to the top!

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

Use Tension Rods

Tension rods are a great way to make use of the space you have, especially if its already on the smaller side. You use pressure mounted ones or if you’re planning on hanging heavy bottles, then screw mounted ones would be your best bet!

Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are a great tool for every space of your home, but especially for under the kitchen sink organization! They’re quick to install, don’t leave any damage behind and they’re perfect for hanging scrub brushes or dishcloths.

Hang Spray Bottles

Spray bottles can take up a lot of space in your cupboard, so the best way to store them is by hanging them up. This way you’ll make use of every spare space in your cupboard and they’ll always be easy to grab as well.

Use Shelf Liners

The best way to make upkeep easy and quick is to use shelf liners. With just a quick wipe any spills will be gone and you can find them in many cute patterns and colors!

Label Everything

Keep everything organized by labeling each shelf, bottle, or storage container. This way everything can be kept in its proper place and you won’t have to search around for what you’re looking for.

Utilize the Cupboard Door

This is often forgotten about but the cupboard door is a perfect area to use for storage. You can hang a rod or hooks and use them for cloths, bottles, brushes, etc.

Under Kitchen Sink Organizers

Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Organizer

These stackable 2-tier organizers from Amazon are one of my favorite finds for my kitchen sink cupboard. They slide out for easy access and they’re large enough to hold most of my cleaning supplies!

Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Organizer

Lazy Susan

Using a lazy susan is a great option if you have a drain pipe or garbage disposal that’s taking up space in your cupboard. This clear lazy susan from amazon is a great choice and super easy to clean.

Clear Organizer Drawers

As I’ve mentioned before, clear storage containers are the best option for under kitchen sink organization. There are many options available like this set from Amazon, these stackable bins, these open baskets, or this narrow organizer that would be perfect for dishwasher tablets!

Clear Organizer Drawers

Refillable Wet Dispenser

This sleek wipe dispenser is a practical option if you have an issue with your wipes constantly drying out. It’s reusable, with an airtight seal and a rust-resistant finish and not to mention it’s aesthetically pleasing too!

For more organization inspo check out my blog about pantry organization here!

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