Bathroom Refresh with Pottery Barn

Happy Monday everyone! Like most people I’m using the month of January to declutter and refresh spaces in my home. This month is so darn long, and in Chicago so cold that there’s pretty much not else to do so I’ve been busy!

As I was working in my bathroom, organizing my linen closet I realized the towels we had been using were from when we got married, which happens to be going on 14 years ago.  I’m not sure if there is an expiration date on towels, but I’m going with its time to splurge on some new ones!

I ended up going with these amazing Hydrocotton Quick Drying towels from Pottery Barn and let me just say WOW. First off they are crazy fluffy and soft, I’d seriously use these for a blanket if I was desperate! Even better they are super absorbent (10 times more than a regular towel) and quick drying, very helpful for our family of 6 especially at night when our bathroom basically turns into a locker room and everyone is looking for a dry towel!

I of course got the matching Hydrocotton hand towels, and hung them from my Pottery Barn Mercer fixture set.  And while I was at it I thought it was time for a new bath mat, and snagged this cute tassel one from Pottery Barn. Last but not least this fun little Rattan stool is the perfect spot to leave one of my new fluffy towels, that’s if I ever get out of the bath!

Pottery Barn is currently having their annual white sale and all towels are on sale with free shipping! It’s the best time to refresh your bathroom, trust me…you’ll thank me later!

This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn – all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  1. Thank you!! The tub is by Victoria & Albert and the faucet is by Newport Brass!