Console Table Styling – 5 Simple Tips

Spring is officially here and I’m feeling so hopeful that life is slowly starting to return to normal.  I am so ready to organize, put away the winter gear and give our home a Spring refresh! I love all the pretty Spring things from pastels to faux florals to cotton candy skies on the patio.

Console and entryway table styling, arched mirror, pretty decor finds, faux greenery, functional storage all help to create a beautiful and welcoming entryway.

Console Table Styling

One area I absolutely love to give a Spring refresh to is my entryway console.  It’s the first thing guests see when they walk into our home or when they are sitting in our Living Room.  Some console tables can be the focal point in the room, either out in the open or behind a sofa.

Console and entryway table styling, arched mirror, pretty decor finds, faux greenery, functional storage all help to create a beautiful and welcoming entryway.

While each season is unique, I always style the console table to give the room a new and fresh look. Whether the console table is in the entryway or living room, learning how to style a console table can truly change the look and feel of the space.

How to style a console table

Console Table Styling

There are a few design elements that are important to take in to consideration when styling the console table. Color, texture, and scale of items such as artwork, vases, baskets, and misc. décor items are all important factors.

Here are my go-to console table styling tips that you can easily do with items that you can use from around the house or find easily in stores or on-line.

Create height with a large mirror or artwork

Using a large mirror or big artwork on the console table, creates height and makes a statement. I personally love using a mirror on the console table. Not only for those “quick checks” as you come & go, but how the light from the outside reflects off of the mirror.

Anchor the bottom with baskets   

Baskets not only provide additional texture to the console table, but are also useful and provide function. Baskets are perfect for additional storage, such as shoes, blankets and the occasional missing sock.

Add a lamp or tall vase 

Adding one or two lamps ( two if you want to create symmetry) or a tall vase helps to create visual height and weight. Additional lighting can help the room or set the perfect mood.

Vases can display your favorite greenery or faux florals. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay for some vases to be decorative only with nothing in them.

Use a tray/bowl for keys

The use of boxes, trays and bowls are the perfect vessels to corral objects and allow for a “drop-zone” on your console table. These pretty objects can also be elevated on stacked books to boost their visual impact.

Add décor faves

Grab your favorite new décor finds and have fun with the styling. Think high, medium and low sized items when styling on your console table.

Decorative objects, vases, greenery, faux stems & glass beads are great pieces to have in your styling box. Using décor items, help to fill the empty spaces on your console table.

console table styling tips Entryway table decor

Entryway table style tips

Console table styling doesn’t have to be hard. This is a time to display items that you love and with things that can easily be swapped out when you want to change the look. I hope you have found some inspiration in my console table styling tips and are ready to style your own table.

xo andrea
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