Microwave Drawer In Island

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The types of microwaves in our kitchens these days sure have come a long way. This key appliance can come either as a countertop microwave, an over-the-range microwave/wall oven, or a microwave drawer.

Each variety offers it’s own pros and cons, like most appliances! But really you need to try them out before you can know which option best suits you.

We have owned all three varieties over the years and the style that works best for our family is the stainless steel microwave drawer in our kitchen island.

white kitchen island

By far the drawer-style microwave in my kitchen island is one of the most useful appliances in my kitchen! Over the years I have discovered that I love my microwave drawer for so many reasons.

But I especially love how it works with our kitchen design by adding a sleek stainless steel accent. Another reason is that it’s below eye level and tucked out of sight when I walk into the kitchen, which is a biggie both from a design and organizational perspective.

Plus, the drawer function is super easy to use and very convenient. Even with its placement, my older kids can reach and operate the microwave with a touch of a button.

The microwave drawer has provided a ton of functionality to the entire kitchen space. I love that it frees up additional countertop space and gives me more room for entertaining, food preparation, and just general use.

The extra space on the counter also makes room for some other small kitchen appliances that I use regularly. Besides, I like my kitchen counters to be clutter-free, and it definitely meets that goal.

Microwave Drawer In Island

There are a few tips I want to pass on if you are considering adding a built-in microwave to your kitchen. These are the must-know basics, so keep these tips in mind!


Microwave drawers come as preassembled, self-contained little units. Unlike microwaves over the oven, built-in microwaves have ventilation systems that are built in to the appliance.

This is a huge benefit that offers flexible placement in your kitchen. Which is perfect if you want more space for your kitchen appliances or want to declutter your countertops.


Most homeowners can install this drawer-style microwave themselves, which is always a money saver. However, since most front flanges on the drawers generally offer less than an inch of wiggle room, you will need to measure carefully.

When it comes to installing a microwave, you may have to hire a carpenter for any additional framing you might need if your cabinets are custom-built.


Drawer heights are generally set at a standard countertop height and the control buttons of the microwave are at a similar level to your dishwasher. Which means it will be out of the way and yet still very accessible.

For most brands, the basic choices are 24-, 27-, and 30-inch microwave drawer units. Since most cabinets (stock) are generally 12 inches to 60 inches wide, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a cabinet that a drawer-style microwave will fit.

The interior of the drawer is the same regardless of brand, so no need to worry about that when you’re looking.

close-up of microwave drawer in kitchen island

Best Microwave Drawers

Sharp (Model SMD2470AS)

I have the Sharp microwave drawer oven in a sleek design of stainless steel. For reference, my drawer measures 24 inches and is 1.2 Cu. feet, which is big enough for a 9×13 casserole dish.

Besides everything that this drawer offers, including 1000 watts of cooking power, I especially love the concealed easy touch control panel. The control panel opens easily, is easy to read, and operates at a 45-degree angle.

Plus, the drawer has an easy-touch automatic system that makes opening and closing smooth, hands-free, and way less messy.

Keep in mind that these microwave drawers can be especially heavy. So take extra care when you lift it!

Sharp Convection Microwave Drawer  (SMD2499FSC)

Another great option from Sharp is the Convection Microwave oven! This is an incredibly innovative design that allows for the speed of microwave cooking but with the addition of convection cooking.

This amazing combination offers baking, roasting, grilling, and air frying options to get your meals made faster. It also features the “Easy Wave Open” which allows for touchless opening of the drawer.

Plus, the built-in airflow control means that you can flush-mount the appliance without worrying about the ventilation!


Viking has a 24-inch drawer with a 1000-Watts power level. It comes with a 30-minute keep-warm feature, sensor cooking modes, and button-operated opening and closing.

These amazing features make cooking both easier and cleaner! Plus, the Viking has a two-year warranty on the whole microwave and five years of coverage on the magnetron tube (a high-power vacuum tube) which is perfect for any avid microwave chef.

Bosch model (Model HMD8451UC 800)

The Bosch has a sleek and simple style that would mix with virtually any style of kitchen, making it an absolute staple. This unit has 1.2 cu. ft. capacity and 950 watts of cooking power making it speedy and practical.

Plus, the push button open and close feature is super convenient! Especially if you are active in the kitchen and handling multiple cooking tasks.

Dacor MMD30S

Dacor has a sleek metal and modern-looking style built-in microwave. You can set the Dacor to perform up to four cooking operations in sequence or have it start automatically at a certain time of day!

This is a major lifesaver for big or complex meals! This model also has a very handy 30-minute stay-warm feature and cooks at a power level of a whopping 950 watts.

Can Any Microwave Be Mounted?

While drawer microwaves are in a category of their own, most regular microwaves can be mounted. However, the main thing to keep in mind is proper ventilation.

If you’re going to mount your microwave it’s important to check and see if it’s been made for that purpose. Otherwise, it may not be equipped with the correct ventilation pieces.

The packaging of your microwave should give you all the information that you need to know about mounting and ventilation! Don’t be afraid to read the information packet!

After all, this appliance is going to be used regularly by your family, so you’ll definitely want to know everything about it. Take a few minutes to read up on the microwave you’ve chosen so you can be confident in your choice!

white kitchen island with microwave drawer

In my opinion, there are very few reasons you wouldn’t want your own microwave drawer in an island. You get all the benefits of any other microwave oven, but the drawer provides a few more, like the extra counter space and the various stay-warm features.

The pros definitely outweigh any cons!

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