My Favorite Faux Fall Stems

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The Fall season has finally arrived, and I don’t know about you, but I am so excited! One of the best things about Fall is getting to decorate your home in all of the beautiful seasonal decor.

I love to incorporate faux decor into my home for the holidays because it’s easy to swap out and you don’t have to worry about upkeep. Today’s post is all about faux stems that are perfect for the fall season, so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite faux fall stems and a few of my favorite fall vases too!

My Favorite Faux Fall Stems

Plum Colored Stems

My Favorite Faux Fall Stems

First up on my favorite faux stems list are plum colored stems! The rich purple color of these leaves adds the perfect autumn touch to your home and offers a bold eye-catching arrangement.

You can use faux plum leaves or try out these gorgeous faux Queen Anne’s Lace stems from Pottery Barn! I absolutely love the texture of this arrangement and would love to display this as a centerpiece on my kitchen table or my living room coffee table!

My Favorite Faux Fall Stems

Those bold autumn colors would match perfectly with this Terracotta Vase from Pottery Barn. This vase is hand thrown, glazed with a rustic finish and it comes in size small or large size so you’ll be able to accommodate any size of faux fall stem bundle.

I love that the unfinished areas on these vases provides a perfect rustic texture.

Dried Bunny Tails

Next on our list is a Fall favorite of mine with the cutest name: Dried Bunny tails! These fluffy bunches of dried grass look exactly as their names suggests, just like a cute bunny tail!

The soft and billowy texture of these stems offers a lovely and delicate touch to your home decor and I love the way they look in arranged in a vase. These bunny tails from amazon come in a beautiful white shade or you can get them in darker shade that is also perfect for Fall!

Of course we can’t forget about the vases that hold these beautiful arrangements! This gorgeous ribbed glass Vase from Amazon comes in a stunning Amber color that I absolutely love.

I also used this large clear vase from Amazon which goes perfectly with the darker bunny tail arrangement!

Eucalyptus Leaves

My Favorite Faux Fall Stems

A great way to add some dimension to your fall decor is with eucalyptus leaves. They come in several different varieties and each one has a lot to offer.

These Terracotta Eucalyptus leaves offer the perfect nature-inspired fall color of warm orange. I also love this set of eucalyptus leaves that come in an earthy brown-orange color and offers all the Fall vibes we love!

fall home decor

As far as vases go, this Seagrass Wrapped Glass vase is one my absolute favorites. I love that it brings a coastal element to your fall decor, but still has the dark rich tone of the seagrass which is perfect for fall.

For the warm brown eucalyptus leaves I chose this large ceramic cream Vase from Target! I love the vintage shape of this vase and the cute little handles are such a charming touch to the design.

Faux Hydrangea Stems

Faux Stems fall home decor

I love hydrangeas and these faux stems from Afloral are absolutely stunning. You will fall in love with all of the gorgeous green tones throughout this arrangement and the refreshing and realistic touch of the petals!

These beautiful florals are arranged in another gorgeous vase that is a must add to your cart! I love the beautiful texture and the vintage vibe that it adds to my home.

It’s on the shorter side too, so perfect for coffee tables or places where you don’t want something too tall.

Faux Baby’s Breath

Faux baby's breath arrangement

Baby’s breath has always been a symbol of hope and new beginnings, which is why so many people use for weddings, but why not use it as Fall decor too!? A new season is a new beginning and decorating with the symbol of hope seems like a good idea to me!

This set of faux baby’s breath from Amazon comes in a lovely white/warm brown color combination that matches my other Fall decor perfectly. The branches can also be bent or removed so you can design the bouquet to your exact specifications!

I arranged this beautiful bundle in this breathtaking smoked glass vase from Amazon and I love the way the colors compliment each other. I style this arrangement in my living room but it would also look perfect on a console table by your front door!

Faux Wild Grass Bundle

Faux Wildgrass Bundle

This wild grass arrangement is so classically beautiful and makes for easy styling! Simply drop it in your favorite vase for instant fall vibes.

I love all the gorgeous colors and textures, making this arrangement perfect for just about any spot in your home!

This ceramic vase is another great find to add to your collection! Priced at just $25, it’s not only affordable but super functional as I plan to use this one year round.

I love the neutral color, and it’s watertight meaning you can use with faux or real stems!

Faux Leaf Stems

Faux Leaf Stems

I always love using a faux leaf stem in my fall decor. You can usually find stems featuring different leaf sizes and colors. These affordable faux stems are approximately 28″ tall and make such a gorgeous statement.

If you’re looking for a vase for large arrangements, then this one will work perfectly! I love the distressed look of this vase and the neutral colors are sure to work in any room of your house. This stunning vase is perfect for displaying tall faux grasses or long-stemmed eucalyptus branches.

xo, Andrea
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