Outdoor Rugs For Porches And Patios

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I love how rugs can be the star of any outdoor space. Not only do they protect our floors from all the heavy foot traffic, but they also make our outdoor spaces feel cozy and inviting without distracting or taking away from the overall design of the space.

As you know, I love to add rugs all throughout my home. Not only do rugs anchor a space, but I find that they instantly add color and interest to each of my rooms. When it comes to applying that same feeling to the patio and porch, my outdoor spaces are no different.

outdoor seating area with chairs, and couch with neutral color cushions and pillows with a blue and white printed outdoor rug
Backyard Outdoor Rugs For Porches And Patios

You really can’t go wrong styling your porch and patio with an outdoor rug. Beyond looking stylish, rugs are also a great way to incorporate your personality, color and overall design aesthetic into your area. With so many different types of outdoor area rugs, in various colors, sizes and shapes these days, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that will be a great option that compliments both your outdoor furniture and overall aesthetic.

white outdoor couch and chairs with outdoor coffee table on a blue outdoor rug

10 Outdoor Rugs For Porches And Patios

It really doesn’t matter what size your outdoor patio is, there is a rug out there for you. Rugs are available at many different price points depending on your budget. And can even be found at convenient places like target or amazon. Rugs are durable, easy to clean and able to withstand the elements of the weather.

Choosing the perfect outdoor area rug can really be the catalyst for how you style the rest of the patio or porch. But where do you begin when there are so many options? I have 10 different outdoor rug options for you to consider when looking for your next outdoor rug.

Weather resistant

Weather-resistant rugs are an absolute essential for outdoor spaces and last much longer than their counterparts. If you are looking for a great weather-resistant rug look for one that has polyester in it. All synthetic fiber rugs are designed to be durable and weatherproof. And can hold up to most outdoor conditions.

Eco Friendly

Eco friendly rugs are just that….friendly. The rug is made with plastic so it’s weather resistant, durable, and easy to clean. You may have seen that you can even put your eco friendly rug in the washing machine to get it completely cleaned. These rugs are a great option for an active family or an indoor pet owner. As well as anyone who wants to do that little bit extra for our planet.

Indoors and outdoors

As the name implies, indoor and outdoor rugs can work in either environment. Indoor/outdoor area rugs are designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you use it outside on the front porch or your indoor living room. The material composition of these rugs are more durable than the average rug. And built to withstand the elements of the outdoors. This gives the rug some extra usability because if you ever want to redesign or repurpose your indoor space, you can always put the rug elsewhere.

Reversible Rug

When one side of your rug becomes stained, faded or worn out you can simply turn the rug over to the reverse side. Doing this gives you the look of a brand new outdoor area rug without spending any additional money. This is especially good if you have kids or pets. Since they will definitely make a mess of your brand-new rug.

Fade resistant

Fade resistant rugs are necessary if you are putting your rug in an area that gets a lot of light from the sun, like on your porch or by the door. The best rug to consider if you are not looking to swap out a faded rug anytime soon is one that has polyester in it.

Stain resistant

The beauty of a stain resistant rug is that it can withstand a significant amount of food and drink spills. And splashes of cool-aide or adult beverages. Most rugs can be hosed off after a spill with no evidence remaining. Naturally, this makes them an essential for all kinds of dining areas, whether your dining outdoor or indoors.

Easy to clean

An easy to clean rug is an important consideration for any rug you place on your patio deck. From food spills to mother nature clean up, you want to find an outdoor area rug that will provide easy care when needed. Sometimes a little soap and water are all that is needed to spot clean a spill with easy-to-clean rugs, which is a lot cheaper than having to buy a whole new rug.

Natural fiber

Although they are pretty to look at, natural fiber rugs are not the best choice for your outdoor spaces. Popular natural fiber rugs like jute, seagrass, and sisal evoke a natural element connecting one to the outdoors. However these rugs can not be used in open outdoor spaces. Should a natural fiber rug get wet, it will retain moisture and risk getting mold and mildew if not dried out. If you must have a natural fiber rug on your porch or patio, bring it indoors before inclement weather arrives.

Mildew resistant

Outdoor rugs generally contain materials that will hold up against mold and mildew. These rugs are meant for rain, humidity and damp conditions and are made from polypropylene. If you place a rug on your patio or porch that is not mildew resistant and it gets wet, the best thing to do is immediately hang it out to dry (both sides) in the sun. Drying it out will prevent mold spores from growing on the rug fibers.

Synthetic fiber

Synthetic fiber rugs are made of a material called polypropylene. Polypropylene is typically on the front and back of the rug. The polypropylene material is what makes an outdoor area rug waterproof. This is generally a popular option for outdoor rugs that get full exposure to weather elements such as rain because, as stated above, synthetic materials are mildew and mold resistant. A big bonus with these synthetic fiber rugs is that they can be hosed down for easy cleaning.

outdoor seating area, chair and coffee table on a blue outdoor rug

Now that you are equipped with the different types of outdoor rugs that are out there, it’s time to go find one that you like. Look for the one that will last a few seasons and provide your space with tons of cozy and comfortable moments. Don’t forget to pick up some rug pads to prevent the rug, and you, from slipping!

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