Outdoor Spring Decorations

I don’t know about you, but I just love this time of the year. The weather is warming up, things are greening up and we are beginning to spend more time outdoors. Although our winter wasn’t too terribly brutal this season, Spring is always such a welcomed sight after long, dreary cold days in Chicago.

front door with spring flowers in white pots | Outdoor Spring Decorations

I think what I really love about ushering in the Spring Season, is removing all signs of winter. My process for decorating the porch for Spring starts with removing the spent plants, swapping out the darker pillows for something bright and fresh and finally removing the holiday door mat. Yes, it was time.

purple flowers in white containers

I’m a big believer that a decorated porch helps us to enjoy the warmth of the season without even leaving our homes. My porches are treated like additional rooms in our home but with the benefit of the outdoors. I try to put the same level of attention and detail in making sure they are cozy and comfortable spaces for my family, friends and neighbors who stop by for a visit

two chairs on front porch | Outdoor Spring Decorations

11 Outdoor Spring Decorations

Cozy outdoor furniture

Cozy outdoor furniture is a must on your porch. Find seating that is comfortable and is suitable for any outdoor weather condition.

Outdoor Wreaths

Outdoor wreaths create the perfect focal point on your front door. I also opt for a pretty faux option, that can be used season after season! Plus there are so many affordable options with different types of faux greenery!


Lit or unlit, lanterns are a great outdoor porch accessory. I like to place all of my lanterns together for a more collected look. Fill the lanterns with flameless candles or place sting lights inside the lantern. Look for candles that have timers that turn on, and create such a pretty ambience to your space!


There are so many planters that you can shop for these days. You can either flank each side of the front door with a planter or mix and match a group of planters for more interest. Don’t forget to fill them with seasonal flowers or plants.

Side Tables

Make sure there are plenty of places to place a drink a book or a cute potted Spring plant on the front porch. Place your side tables next to chairs and couches.

daybed on porch

Spring Door Mat

Doormats or welcome mats are a must-have for any front door. Besides removing dirt from shoes before you enter the home, they also can greet your visitors with a pretty spring image or a spring saying like Hello Spring.

Outdoor Rugs

If your space permits on the porch, swap out your outdoor rug for something more suitable for Spring. Look for lighter materials in the rug such as sisal, jute or a flat weave. A washable rug may be a great option as well.

Plants ( real or faux)

For me spring is all about flowers! I LOVE doing my planters each year. The sight of Spring flowers and plants is everything to your spring porch. Flowers in cheerful pretty colors will help to welcome any guest to your porch. Find plants that are suitable for the amount of light your porch will get throughout the day. If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, no worries. There are plenty of fabulous faux plants and flowers out there.

Throw Pillows

The fastest way to introduce Spring to the front porch is by swapping out the winter pillows for fresh, bright Spring pillows. Find colorful pillow covers that are are washable and will hold up to any type of weather conditions.

Easter Decorations

It’s not necessary to go all out Easter bunny on the porch, but simple outdoor Easter decorations like moss eggs, cement bunnies or a spring flags help to create a festive Easter mood.

Welcome Signs

You can instantly add Spring cheer to your space with a welcome sign. Premade signs are easy to find on-line or you can customize a sign with a special message.

Outdoor clock/thermometer

Now that it’s spring and we are spending more time outside on the porch, hang a pretty clock and thermometer on your wall so you can always keep track of the time.

outdoor chair with round table

Porch Decorating Tips For Spring

Spring Clean on the porch

Time to get the porch clean so it’s ready to enjoy for the spring season. Wipe down your furniture, clean the cushions and pressure wash the porch if necessary.

Add a front door rug

Greet your guests with a fun front door rug when they come to your door. A lot of times, I will layer a a seasonal rug on top of a base rug. When I do this, I only have to swap out the smaller rug each season.

Swap out pillows

Time to add a pop of color to your outdoor furniture. Complement your outdoor cushions with fun and bright spring colored throw pillows and blankets.

Use indoor décor items, outdoors

If your porch can handle the elements of the weather, move some of your favorite indoor décor accessories outdoors for the season. I love to use my indoor baskets and vases to complete my spring décor on the porch.

Fill your outdoor space with Spring flowers

Nothing screams spring on the porch then beautiful spring blooms and potted plants. Find plants and flowers that can handle the growing conditions of your porch ( shade or sun). You can never go wrong on a covered porch with shade loving ferns or ornamental grasses in a pretty basket.

porch with chair and basket of ornamental grass | Outdoor Spring Decorations

I hope these ideas on outdoor decorations have your Spring wheels turning and will inspire you to do something special on your front porch this season!

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