5 Tips for Bookshelf Styling

Happy Sunday friends! January is in full swing and I’m all about organizing and refreshing this month! Cleaning up the post holiday clutter feels so good. But you may notice spaces in your home feeling more bare than usual.

One area in my home that definitely needs some work are my bookshelves. And I thought it would be fun to share some tips for getting your shelves perfectly styled, especially with lots of fun new decor coming out!

So let’s get started with these 5 easy things to think about when styling your shelves.

Take everything off your shelves. 

It’s always easier starting with a blank slate, rather than squeezing new items in. It may seem intimidating but I promise you’ll be happier in the end!

Start with anchor items such as large vases or picture frames.

Larger items always make a big statement, whether its a gorgeous rattan bowl or pretty art print leaning at the back of your shelf. I like to use the same frame, with different prints for a cohesive look. 

Coffee table books are a great item to use to layer on shelves.

Linking some of my faves, I love layering some smaller decor pieces on top of a pretty design book. 

Fill in with smaller items, always use a mix of shapes and sizes.

Your shelves should feel like a collection of your favorite items. Play around with different items, colors, whatever you’re loving! 

Don’t forget to mix in elements of texture and faux greenery to give those shelves some life!

Use a mix of elements such as wood, rattan, brass, and cute faux greenery plants to create visual interest and keep each shelf unique!

Andrea Denes


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