5 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

Hey friends! Today I’m talking gallery walls, one of my favorite design ideas for a big empty wall. I know creating a gallery can often seem intimidating. Where to start, what direction to go in, and actually hanging everything according to plan. But I promise with these simple tips you’ll be able to finally tackle your project!

5 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

5 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

Today I’m partnering with At Home and sharing the gallery wall I recently hung in my daughter’s room! I wanted to create something fun and playful for her big empty white wall, but also make it feel really collected and cohesive.


how to create a gallery wall


5 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

The first thing you’re going to need is the art! I love At Home because I know they literally have aisles and aisles of options. Remember a gallery wall doesn’t have to include ALL art, so pull anything that grabs your attention while you shop. You can edit more when you get home, plus it’s always better to have more than less.

Once you get home it’s time to play. Here are 5 things to remember once you start your project.

Choose a cohesive color palette. 

As you shop for the items in your gallery, keep in mind a color palette and try to repeat a few of those colors throughout your project. Not everything has to match, but you’ll see how the items I chose from At Home all tie together and don’t fight each other.

Lay everything out on the floor in front of your space. 

This is the best way to start your project. It will give you an idea of just how much space you have to work with. Bonus, planning ahead on the floor will help reduce those unwanted nail holes!! Keep playing with your layout until it feels right.

5 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall
5 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

Anchor your gallery with larger statement pieces first.

You’re going to want at least one or two larger focal pieces. When you start laying out your options, start with these and space them out throughout your gallery to create a balance throughout.

Remember a gallery wall doesn’t have to be all art.

Remember it’s okay to incorporate different and even unexpected pieces into a gallery wall. I love the visual dimension the pretty round tray from At Home provides here. I also love to mix in personal photos and even free printables in pretty frames. Don’t be afraid to make it personal to you!

gallery wall for kids room

Mix it up.

The best part of a gallery wall is there really are no rules! Don’t be afraid to mix it up. I’m talking frame colors, framed art and canvas art, and hanging things both horizontally and vertically. The more you mix it up the more interesting it’s going to be!

gallery wall for daughter's room

Making sure you start with a great mix of options, from type to size will get you off on the right foot. I’m absolutely in love with the way this gallery turned out using all these gorgeous pieces from At Home. Check out the links below to see the amazing prices too!

The best part…my daughter is totally obsessed, can you guess her favorite piece?

Bench / Paper Wall Art / Rice Paper Wall Art / Choose Happy Canvas / Gold Photo Frame

Grey Wood Frame / Whitewash Frame / Paper Flowers Wall Art / Unicorn Textured Canvas

Dreamy Florals Canvas / White Bamboo Tray

I hope these tips help you prep for your next project! My ultimate advice is just dive in and try. When it comes to walls, there is nothing that can’t be fixed, and trust me you’ll be so happy when you finally get your gallery hung!

Andrea Denes

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