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Been a busy and product Monday over here! Woke up for a 6am yoga class, ran 500 errands and getting a blog post up two days in a row. Boom!

Super excited to share some fun new Amazon finds with you guys, many that are perfect for those thinking about Spring decor. It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in Chicago, and while it may be 28 degrees I’m still thinking Spring.

Amazon is one of my favorite places to source decor. From coffee table books to fun accessories to furniture, Amazon truly has it all!

Like I mentioned about Amazon is the best place to buy all the coffee tables books, and trust me when I say I have them all! The perfect accent on a table, bookshelf or a nightstand.

They’re not only beautiful but these will also serve up tons of gorgeous inspo! I just scored this one and I can already say its my new fave!

Next up on my must have Amazon home decor finds are fun little accessories! Sometimes I’m rearranging decor and realize I need a certain something in a certain spot…and I need it NOW!

Luckily thanks to Amazon and prime I don’t have to wait a week to fill that spot…maybe just a day or two to get my styling just right! Now that I can handle! Here are some of my faves.

Amazon also has a ton of pretty faux greenery! From small branches to faux trees, Amazon has your covered to bring some faux life to your space!

Next up is decor for the kitchen, which is one of my favorite places to style. I personally live in my kitchen, so might as well have it looking pretty…even if the sink is filled with tons of dirty dishes! Amazon has everything from pretty cutting boards to canisters to trays!

Did you know you can even score rugs on Amazon. Yup, my best selling bedroom rug is on Amazon! Nothing like getting free shipping on a rug, am I right? You can also score my boys’ bedroom rug as well.

I’m rounded up on more faves below, so be sure to check out all these fun finds and snag them with free prime shipping today! Happy shopping!

Andrea Denes

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