How To Style Natural Wood Coffee Tables

Coffee table styling elevates the look and feel of your space whether in your living room or family room. Styling it correctly can add layers and texture to a room while making it feel intentional and put together.

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The coffee table is often the focal point because it’s generally positioned in the center of the room. Although it serves to be a functional piece, a place for the remote or refreshments, there is no reason it shouldn’t be pretty too.

After all, isn’t the living room one of the most used spaces in the house? It certainly is for me!

When decorating a table that is located in such a high-traffic area, you really need to think through your wants and needs. What decor do you really want to display, and how much space will it take up while still leaving the table functional?


By following a few basic guidelines and using thoughtful décor, you can create a beautiful and functional display for your coffee table. As with decorating any space in your home, you should look for ways to refresh the coffee table each season and don’t forget have fun with it!

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How To Style Natural Wood Coffee Tables

Here are our some of my tried-and-true natural wood coffee table styling how-to tips. These tips are easy to implement using decorative items that you may have around your house, or pieces that won’t break the bank if you do buy them new.

How to style a coffee table

Coffee Table Styling Tips

Start With A Tall Object

To add visual interest to your coffee table, start by adding a tall object like a vase. You can either showcase the vase on its own or add fresh flowers or greenery.

Remember there are plenty of fabulous faux options out there as well. Adding a floral element is a great way to break up the space and infuse some additional life into the room.

Another great tip is to only display items that won’t exceed a third of the height of the actual table, this way the proportions will look level. Try out some decorative pieces that you like and see which one looks best!

Place A Decorative Tray For Coffee Table

A tray is a great way to organize items on your coffee table because it can be both decorative and functional. As a general rule of thumb, find a tray that is at least half the size of your tabletop (if not smaller).

Be sure to move the tray off to one side (not centered) so you still have room for the necessary drinks and other items. Natural elements such as a wooden bowl can add personality to the room while also being a great place to store remote controls, coasters or other miscellaneous items.

Or you can try stacking a few books on the tray. Books add character and they’re also a great conversation starters for your guests.  

Style in A Triangle

When styling on a round table, make sure to work in a triangle. This will help create a curated, thoughtful look that will be pleasing to the eye.

If you are styling a square table top, you can work in a triangle or keep it symmetric. Then layer in décor favorites such as coffee table books, coasters, beads, and candles.

These items are all great “go-to” pieces and should always be a part of your décor stash. Don’t forget you can also add in some candles as a mood booster and they also add some dimension to the flat surface.

Beads are one of my favorite choices when styling my wood coffee table. I use them any chance I get because they’re beautiful on their own and they pair easily with other decorative items.

Mix And Match Height And Textures

Mix up the height and texture of your décor pieces to help your coffee table look balanced. This can easily be done by varying the height and scale of your displayed items.

Be sure to group your items into 3 categories, tall, short, and mid-height. This will create visual interest and make sure that the objects on your coffee table look purposeful.

But don’t forget to keep it simple. You don’t need a master’s in interior design to decorate your coffee table properly!

Scale Back for More Function

Some wood or glass-top coffee tables serve more function in rooms than styled furniture pieces. If you want your coffee table to serve both purposes, remember to leave plenty of room for both.

Even though you’d certainly like your coffee table to look nice, its also important for it to remain functional. Decide the priority of the table in the space and decorate around that.

More function means minimal décor items. Plus, the coffee table itself will likely have a beautiful surface that you won’t want to completely cover up.

Square wooden coffee table with coffee table books, box and bowl

Try out these tips and they will ensure that your coffee table is the perfect addition to your living space. Also when picking out a coffee table for your home, be sure to find a clean lined option. These tables look the best in large spaces and they also add a symmetry to the room that’s very beneficial.

Have fun and happy coffee table styling! Want more styling tips for your interior spaces? Check out this post on console table styling!

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I hope these eye catching coffee table decorating tips, will inspire you with styling your coffee table today.

xo Andrea

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