Amazon Travel Essentials for Women

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Traveling season is here and if you’re anything like me, then you may be looking to book your next family vacation! Every year I look forward to traveling and exploring new and exciting places with my family.

But packing is almost always everyone’s least favorite part about traveling. I have found that creating a checklist of travel essentials can make packing less stressful!

Luckily, Amazon has everything that you need to complete your travel essentials list. So today I’m sharing a round-up of my most recommended Amazon travel essentials for women.

Amazon Travel Essentials for Women


I’m not happy when I’m traveling unless I’m comfortable. That’s why I always try to wear the comfiest clothing I can find, and Amazon has an incredible selection of travel-friendly clothing!


Leggings are definitely a favorite of mine. They’re comfy, stretchy, and soft and you can find them in pretty much every color.

These leggings from Amazon are high-waisted, breathable, and moisture wicking so you’ll stay comfortable and dry no matter how you’re traveling!


If you’re jetting off on a long-haul flight, then a nice warm sweater is definitely a must-have. Why is it always so cold on airplanes?!

This cute cropped sweatshirt from Amazon is soft and cozy and it comes in almost 20 different colors! It would pair perfectly with the leggings listed above and for only $24, you can’t go wrong.

Matching Sets

If you’d like to make your traveling outfit that much easier, then go ahead and try out a matching set! They’re definitely in style right now and all you have to do is throw on some sneakers and you’ll have a perfect and comfortable outfit!

Amazon has a lot of great options for matching sets but I personally love this one! Or if you’d prefer a short sleeve version for spring or summer, you can try out this set also!


Would it be a women’s travel list without mentioning accessories? They’re always essential but especially when traveling!

Check out some of my favorite accessories to bring along while traveling.


If you’re going off on a nice warm adventure then I would definitely recommend some nice sunglasses. Whether you’re driving or flying, it’s important to protect your eyes from those harmful rays.

These Quay sunglasses from Amazon are so stylish, great quality, and perfect for traveling! Or you can try out these Quay frames which are a personal favorite! Be sure to grab this travel case to easily store multiple pairs of sunglasses!

Hair Ties

If you have long hair like me, you know that hair ties are an absolute must-have item! There is nothing worse than needing a hair elastic and not having one, especially when traveling.

This set of 3 spiral hair ties from Amazon is a great option because they’re strong and durable but this unique design also prevents creases! Or if you have especially heavy locks then try these thick hair ties, which come in many colors and also prevent damage!


Hats are a must have accessory for me! Whether its a baseball hat for travel day, or beach hats to protect from too much sun I’ve always got a couple in my bag! This hat clip magnet helps you carry your hat on your carry on bag, and is one of my travel must haves!

Or for easy traveling grab this packable sun hat from Amazon! Comes in a bunch of cute colors and you cannot beat the price!

Water Bottles

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated, which is why you see so many people carrying around water bottles these days. Luckily water bottles have come a long way since single-use plastic bottles, now there are plenty of really cute reusable ones!

This Stanley Quencher water bottle has gone viral recently, and for good reason! It will keep your beverages hot, cold, or iced for hours and there are tons of beautiful colors. Perfect for traveling!

I also love this gadget for traveling, whether to hold your water bottle or airport coffee…this universal cup holder is a must have for any trip!


Next up on my list of amazon travel essentials for women, is shoes! Like clothing, you will always want your shoes to be as comfortable as possible while traveling.

Odds are there will be lots of walking or sitting while you’re on your journey, so keeping your feet comfortable is extremely important! Here are some of my favorite shoes from Amazon!


Sneakers are one of my favorite options when traveling, they’re comfortable walking shoes that are also cute and easy to slip on and off! They’re also extremely versatile and will match with most outfits easily!

This pair of sneakers from Amazon come in tons of colors and they’re super comfy too! I walked in Disney 4 days straight and my feet never once hurt!


Travel-friendly slippers are all the rage right now and it’s easy to see why. You want to be as comfortable as possible while traveling and it doesn’t get much comfier than slippers!

These lined open-toe slippers are definitely cute enough to wear in public and they’re incredibly comfortable!


Boots and the perfect combination of comfort and warmth. Plus, if you can find some that are also cute, then sign me up, I’m sold.

These boots from Amazon are a wonderful Ugg dupe that is so comfy and trendy! I especially love the faux fur lining and the memory foam insoles.


The last thing you want while traveling is to be bored, and that’s where electronics come in. They’ll keep you and your family entertained for hours while you’re embarking on your journey!

Check out some of my must-have electronics for traveling!

Portable Charger

Keeping all of your devices charged is a never-ending battle when it comes to traveling. Electronics get a lot of use, so it’s important if you want to keep your sanity) to always have a portable charger on hand.

This portable charger from Amazon is a great option because it can charge up to 3 devices at a time and it’s also a power bank! Plus it works on iPhones, Samsung, Google, and more!

We also equip each of my kids with one of these mini chargers on long road trips and flights so they can recharge on the go!


For the best sound from your devices, you’ll want to get a quality set of headphones. Not only to block out all that annoying noise pollution all around you but also so you can listen to your music or watch your movie with clear and quality sound.

These Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are a big favorite in my family! They’re noise canceling so they’re great for road trips or long flights and they’re good quality so they last a long time too.

Clothes Steamer

Sometimes no matter how perfectly you pack, your clothes get wrinkled. It can be really frustrating, especially if you’re traveling for work and need to keep your clothes looking decent.

That’s why I always pack a portable clothes steamer! This steamer from Amazon is a great option because it’s a perfect travel size and it’s a great price for less than $50!


The best way to keep your travel days as stress-free as possible is to use organizers. They keep everything tidy and they’re also great for kids so they’ll know where everything is!

Whether you’re staying in a hotel room or in a tent, organizers should definitely be on your packing list of travel essentials! Here are some of my favorite organizers from Amazon.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are such a simple yet brilliant way to keep your clothing organized while traveling. They’re lightweight and incredibly convenient, win-win!

These packing cubes from Amazon come in a set of 6 for only $25! I love that they’re all different sizes and that they’re also machine washable.

Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry can be especially tricky to travel with. Without the proper storage, you can end up with an unsolvable tangle of necklaces and bracelets.

So to solve this problem why not try out a jewelry organizer?! This one from Amazon is the perfect size for traveling and it’s a great price for only $8!

Makeup Case

If you have ever traveled with makeup, then you know how important it is to keep it separate from your clothes and in a sealed bag. All it takes is one bad trip with makeup smeared all over your clothes to learn that lesson!

So keep your makeup enclosed and intact with a makeup case! This case from Amazon has room enough for all your makeup, lip balms, and eye masks and I love that its see through so you can find whatever you need easily.

That’s it for my list of Amazon Travel Essentials for Women! I hope this list is helpful for your next adventure and you have safe and comfortable travels ahead!

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