4 Indoor Faux Trees

One of the best and easiest ways to brighten up your living space is by incorporating indoor plants. They provide a welcome fresh touch to the home, but not everyone has a green thumb!

Real-life houseplants take some time to care for and not everybody has the ideal living conditions for them. That’s why I love to use indoor faux trees instead!

Decorating with faux trees will add that bright and fresh touch to your home without having to worry about the constant upkeep. So in today’s post, I’m sharing a round-up of my favorite 4 indoor faux trees to match any design aesthetic.

Not only are these trees a beautiful decor accent to your space, I think you’ll be below away by how affordable they all are!!

4 Indoor Faux Trees

1. Artificial Olive Tree

Artificial Olive Tree

This beautiful faux olive tree from Target is a must-have! I keep mine in my living room and I absolutely love the natural detail it adds to the space.

This tree looks very realistic, and the lush faux olive leaves add a soft and subtle touch of greenery. It comes at a height of 93″ which is ideal for a living room or even an entryway! Plus the simple white pot will match your other décor seamlessly!

I love this tree so much I bought a second one for our 30A vrbo rental! I love how it fills a tight corner, but is still so light and airy that it doesn’t overwhelm the space!

faux olive tree from Target

We also added this slightly smaller faux olive tree to my daughter’s bedroom. This is another great find from the Studio McGee collection at Target.

Faux olive tree in bedroom | Indoor Faux Trees

I love how perfectly this tree blends with the rest of her décor and it’s a great way to incorporate some nature into her relaxing space. This beautiful faux tree is 76.5″ tall which is ideal for this space and it comes in a lovely white ceramic pot.

2. Artificial Ficus Tree

Indoor faux Ficus tree from Target

This stunning artificial Ficus tree from Target is another favorite of mine. This tree in particular is a great alternative to a living tree because the stems and leaves look so realistic!

Not to mention the addition of faux moss in the pot which really adds to the realism. This tree is perfect for any space where you want to add a vibrant pop of greenery.

Plus, the woven rattan pot is a beautiful touch all on its own and it matches my décor perfectly. Here is another option that comes in a gorgeous ceramic pot!

3. Maple Artificial Tree

When it comes to indoor faux trees, Maple is a new favorite! This artificial Maple Tree from Target is a great way to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home.

The lush green maple leaves add a thriving vibe to your home décor and its simple structure is perfect for year-round display! I especially love the beautiful cream-colored textured container that it comes in.

It elevates the look of the tree but is neutral enough to match any décor. This tree would look lovely in an entryway, living room, or dining room!

4. Moringa Artificial Tree

Another great option from Target is this stunning Moringa Artificial tree. This vibrant tree is a slightly shorter option that is ideal for smaller spaces or areas with a lot of existing décor.

The abundant green leaves are sure to brighten any space of the home and add that flourishing natural touch we all love. Plus the white stoneware pot is a beautiful addition to the look and will tie in perfectly with your other décor!

Living room with faux tree in the corner

How To Make A Fake Plant Look Real

Dust Frequently

Indoor faux trees have many positives, but one negative is that they get dusty. As any homeowner knows, dust is inevitable.

Unfortunate, but true. However, if you want your faux trees to look a little less fake, then devote a few minutes each week to swipe that dust way.

Invest in Quality

There are many different ranges of price when it comes to faux plants. Sometimes you can get away with an inexpensive one here or there.

But if you really want your fake plants to look real, then spending a little extra cash is the simplest way to do it. When the price tag is higher then that usually means the plants are made with high-quality materials, which makes them look more realistic!

Plus, they’re fake so you know they’ll last a long time. If you’re going to spend more money it’s a comfort to know that it will at least last for many years!

Upgrade your Planter

Oftentimes the planters that faux plants come in are not the nicest quality. So by choosing a real tree planter for your faux tree you’re already making it look more realistic.

Not to mention you can choose any size, color, or pattern you want, and will match perfectly with your other décor!

Place Them In a Well-Lit Spot

If you really want people to think your plants are real then placing them in natural light is the best way! Tucking a plant away in a dark corner may work better for your layout, but it’s also a dead giveaway for an artificial plant.

Artificial indoor trees

Place them by a window that provides the amount of light that a real plant would need and you’ll leave your guests guessing.

Adjust the height

One of my favorite tips and tricks for when dealing with faux trees is you don’t have to be limited by the height they come in. You can repurpose a basket, use some old books to raise the tree up within the basket and fill in with faux moss!

Best artificial plants for the home

For more indoor greenery decor inspo check out my blog post here!

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