Christmas Decorations to Buy Early

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It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially when it comes to decor. After all, it’s one of the most exciting holidays of the year and one of the most fun to decorate for! Holiday decorations get better and better each year but if you don’t move fast, they can sell out before you know it! So, this year I’m sharing some of my favorite Christmas decorations to buy early!

Christmas Decorations to Buy Early

My 5 Favorite Christmas Decorations to Buy Early

Faux Trees

Faux Christmas trees have become increasingly popular over the past several years. They’re perfectly convenient, just take it out of the box, put it together, and voila! Not to mention they’re low maintenance, with no falling needles, no watering, and no bugs.

Christmas Decorations to Buy Early

Plus, they look exactly like real trees, and if you can find one that is already pre-lit, then that’s another job you don’t have to worry about this Holiday season. This artificial Yukon Spruce tree from Nordstrom is one of my favorites. It’s pre-lit, has perfectly spaced branches, and has the most stunning and realistic silhouette. It’s even available in a flocked version this year!

Christmas decorations to buy early - faux trees

Flocked trees have gotten extremely popular and have a gorgeous snowy appearance! They can get messy, but once you assemble your tree that’s usual the extent of it! One of my all time favorite flocked trees is this 9 foot Queen Flock by King of Christmas! I highly suggest buying the pre-lit version to cut down on the manhandling of the flock! Truly this tree is a stunner!

faux tree in living room
Artificial flocked trees for Christmas

Faux Garlands

Garlands are one of my favorite pieces of decor to use at Christmastime. Whether it’s on your fireplace mantle, staircase railing, entryway, or even your dining room table, the lush greenery adds the perfect festive touch. Plus, it’s another no-mess option that is super easy to maintain. Dress your faux garland up with ribbons, bells, and bows!

faux garlands holiday decor

This 60″ Norfolk pine garland from AFLORAL is one of my favorites and it now comes in a 180″ option as well! These garlands look incredibly realistic, and they even feel real which adds so much dimension to the look.

Christmas Decorations to Buy Early
Holiday garlands Christmas decorations to buy early


Wreaths are another versatile must-have when it comes to Christmas decorations. You can use them in basically every room of your house to add the perfect touch of yuletide cheer. You can hang them on your walls, windows, doors, banisters, chairs, above your mantle, or even on your dining table as a centerpiece!

Wreath at front door

This one from Target is a favorite of mine that I use every year. I love the lush green color and the natural look of the pine and juniper leaves. Up your wreath game by adding pretty ribbons or bells or just keep them simple! I always use command hooks to hang mine for damage free hanging!

Holiday wreaths kitchen decor
Christmas wreaths for holiday decor


Don’t you love the hear the jingle of Christmas bells during the holidays? I definitely do! They can be a beautiful piece of decor on their own, but they can also be a charming addition to wreaths, garlands, or even your Christmas tree! Bells certainly need to be on your list of Christmas decorations to buy early because they’re a favorite that can sell out fast.

Bells for holiday decor

Christmas Villages

Last on my list of Christmas decorations to buy early are Christmas villages. I love to incorporate these sweet little houses into my holiday decor. There’s something so comforting and magical about the warm light coming through their little windows. Depending on the size of the Christmas village you can display them in many different areas of your home.

Christmas Village

If your village is only a few pieces you can display it on your coffee table, side table, or even on your mantle. Or if you have many houses in your collection you may prefer to display them on a bookshelf or even dedicate a corner of your living room for the arrangement. I love this beautiful set from Target. Just add a few tealights and they’ll cast the perfect yuletide glow.

Holiday houses for the perfect christmas decorations to buy early
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