Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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Doing the laundry can seem like an endless task, and doing it in a cluttered and disorganized space can make it feel even more overwhelming and chaotic. Some people really struggle to come up with laundry room organization ideas, which means this space is often one of the most neglected in the home.

But keeping the laundry room clean and organized can make this mundane task more bearable and maybe even enjoyable! So today I’m sharing practical and creative ways to organize your laundry room and make it more functional as well.

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

8 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

1. Use a Foldable Drying Rack

If you don’t have access to a clothesline then you’ll need a handy place to hang those items that can’t go in a dryer. The best option is a foldable drying rack!

You can hang these from the laundry room wall to save space and fold them back in when they’re not in use. This is a particularly handy idea if you have a small laundry room.

2. Use a Magnetic Lint bin

Lint can be a messy and annoying byproduct of doing laundry. If you don’t toss it right away, little bits and pieces of lint can find their way all over your house.

The best way to prevent that from happening is to purchase a magnetic lint bin! You can stick these onto the side of your dryer for easy access and to ensure that your lint will stay in place.

3. Refillable Bottles

Refillable bottles are a great laundry room organization idea because you can choose some that actually look nice! Let’s be honest, most laundry products don’t come in the prettiest packaging.

This way you can pick some glass jars that will blend with your decor and they’re refillable! Good for the environment and good for your pretty laundry room!

4. Open Shelving

Open shelves or floating shelves not only look aesthetically pleasing but they’re also quite functional. These shelves are perfect for the laundry room because they offer easy access to all your detergents or dryer sheets while keeping them out of your children’s reach.

Plus, the sleek open look offers the perfect place to add little touches of your favorite decor or plants. Win, win!

5. Pull-Out Baskets or Bins

Consider installing pull-out baskets or bins in cabinets or on open shelves. These can be used for sorting laundry or storing small items like clothespins, sewing kits, or stain removers.

In my personal experience you can never have too many storage baskets in your home so the more the merrier!

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

6. Install a Hanging Rod

A hanging rod is another great space-saving option for clothes that can’t go into the dryer. You can install them practically anywhere, above your washer and dryer or from the ceiling, and they’re small enough that they won’t take up too much space.

Don’t forget to buy some hangers as well so you can hang your clean clothes easily!

7. Cabinet Storage

Make professional organizing companies proud by using cabinets to maximize your storage space! You can use them to store cleaning supplies, fabric softeners, extra linens, or other household items.

Cabinets are also great for storing those larger items that you want to tuck away regularly, like ironing boards!

8. Over-the-Door Organizer

Make use of the back of the laundry room door with an over-the-door organizer. This can hold cleaning supplies, brushes, or even items like single socks waiting for their match.

I love this idea for creating more storage space and it keeps your items easily accessible too.

9. Lost and Found Bin

Designate a basket or bin as a “Lost and Found” for items found in pockets or left in the laundry. If you have the space for this cute idea then it would be a big help for large families.

My kids always seem to be losing things, so having a designated space for found bits and bobs is a must-have in my house. This is also a great way to remind family members to check their pockets before doing laundry.

10. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

When it comes to laundry room design, illuminating your laundry room with under-cabinet lighting is a must! This makes it easier to spot stains, read labels, fold clothes, and makes the space overall more functional.

Especially if you have cabinets directing over your washing machine, then all it takes is a quick inspection of your clothing and you can toss them right in.

How To Organize A Laundry Room


The best way to start laundry room organization is to take everything out! Toss any empty bottles and tuck away any duplicate items.

Take note of anything in the room that doesn’t have a purpose and ask yourself if you want to keep it or toss it! This will get rid of any unnecessary clutter and make the space look more purposeful.

Organized laundry shelves
Prioritize Function

If you’re having a hard time deciding between a functional item and a decorative item, be sure to prioritize the useful options. Decorative items will make your space look nice but the point of a laundry room is for it to be functional.

If it’s a matter of space, then you can always try incorporating smaller pieces of decor to still have a nice decorative element.

Add Storage

In order to have an organized laundry space, you’ll need lots of storage. Cleaning products and laundry supplies are a necessary part of a laundry room but that doesn’t mean they can’t be easily organized.

laundry storage items

I love these clear bins that can be easily stacked depending how tall your shelves are! This brand even has a 5 piece laundry system that comes with everything you need to get organized for an amazing price too!

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Baskets and boxes are great storage solutions for these items that will also add to the overall look of your space! I love the look of these hyacinth baskets, they’re functional and they look beautiful in my laundry room!

Maximize Wall Space

If you have a small or cluttered laundry room, try hanging storage items from the wall to free up floor space. Drying racks, shelves, and ironing boards can all be hung from the wall and will keep the space clutter free!

Label Everything

To ensure that everything gets put back in its correct spot, be sure to add labels to your baskets and shelves. This is the best way to help keep your laundry room organized and to remind your family members where things belong.

Incorporate Decorative and Personal Touches

As long as you have the space for it, don’t forget to add some of your own decorative and personal touches. A little faux plant on your shelf or a cute laundry basket can make your laundry room a much more relaxing space.

You don’t need to be an interior designer to incorporate these helpful and functional organization ideas. So go ahead and try out these tips and tricks and I hope they will help you concur your next laundry day!

If you’re looking for more organization inspiration then check out my blog all about ideas to organize under kitchen sink!

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