My Favorite Faux Garlands

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The Holidays are approaching quickly, so it’s time to start decorating! I love to decorate my home at Christmastime and one of my favorite decorations to use are faux garlands. I love using them in my decorating because they provide the perfect touch of outdoor beauty inside your home.

The only downfall with fresh garlands is that they tend to dry up quickly, making them impractical and messy. The best options to use are faux garlands, they’re a more affordable and practical way of decorating your home minus the maintenance. There are tons of realistic faux garlands to choose from, so today I’m sharing a round up my favorite faux garlands that can add a festive vibe to your home.

Favorite Faux Garlands

Mixed Greenery Garlands

Garlands are a classic holiday decoration! One of the best ways to add some dimension to your holiday display is to use a garland with mixed greenery. This one from Target is a great example and the one I used last year. I love the lush shades of green that the mixture of pine and eucalyptus creates. Lucky for us all it came back this year, and you guys have been ordering it like crazy since its prices right at just $30!

Another great option with eucalyptus leaves is this one, also from Target, and only $30! Snag both of these options in new extra long 15″ versions, perfect for staircases or over doorways!

Real Touch Garlands

Plenty of artificial garlands look incredibly realistic but finding one that also feels real is the best of both worlds. This real-touch faux pine garland from AFLORAL is definitely a Holiday must-have this year. The stunning Norfolk pine design looks and feels real and new this year also comes in a 15 foot version which is what I’m using on my staircase this year!

Cedar Garlands

I absolutely love to use cedar in my decor, it’s very reminiscent of the Holiday season and definitely one of my favorite faux garlands. This faux cedar garland from AFLORAL is a stunning option for your mantle. The lush green colors and the realistic-looking branches combine to make this a gorgeous piece of Christmas decor that will instantly draw the eye.

Pre-lit Garland

When it comes to decor, using a faux garland is already a great low-maintenance option. So why not also get one that’s pre-lit? One more thing off your decor to-do list! This pre-lit faux woodland garland from McGee and Co. is a beautiful option. It comes as a stunning mixture of artificial pine and cedar and is detailed with 200 warm white LED lights. Plus, it also comes with an eight-function remote and an eight-hour timer so you can program your lights to your exact needs! Pre-lit garlands are the best way to add some warmth to your holiday decorating.

Eucalyptus Garland

Another beautiful option is eucalyptus garland! A perfect option for layering on dining tables as a centerpiece or even draped over a mirror!! The pretty leaves soften any space and provide a beautiful visual element to your holiday decor. This gorgeous option is just $25!

Pinecone Garland

I love to use pinecones in my Christmas decor because it adds such a charming warm touch to the look. So why not use them in your Christmas garlands as well? This pine garland with pinecones from Target is a great option for only $39.99! The 6ft faux garland comes pre-lit with lovely little white lights and would provide the perfect festive appeal on your front door, mantle, or staircase!

How To Make Garlands Look Fuller

Layer Your Garlands

A great way to make your garlands look more voluminous is to layer them. Sometimes one garland just isn’t enough! Try layering two or three either on top of each other or weaving them together to make it look more natural.

Mixing Different Varieties of Garlands

While decorating with greenery, it’s always a good idea to mix different varieties to create dimension and volume. The same rule applies to your garlands. If you’re using a thinner pine garland, then try pairing it with a cedar one. The different shades of green will provide some depth to the decor and the mixture of greenery will make it look fuller!

Using Natural Elements

Another great tip is to add natural touches to your garlands. Go for a walk outside and get some inspiration from the nature surrounding you. Little additions like pinecones, leaves, berries, etc. will give your garland plenty of volume and they also make it look more realistic. There are lots of faux options to use as well as real ones, so have some fun with it!

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