20 Styling Tips For Your Home

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When I moved into my first home almost 7 years ago, I found the process of styling it rather overwhelming. I had to consider factors like budget, functionality and how to use my home decor items that I already had to bring a space together.

I realized that styling your home takes time, and the best way to tackle a brand new home was to focus on one space at a time! Work from the ground up starting with area rugs, furniture, and then move on to decorative objects and other home decor!

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I realize styling your home may come easy for some and not so easy for others. For those that find the styling process challenging, the help of Interior Designers may be a good option. Interior Designers are hired to work with homeowners to give guidance, suggestions and help facilitate the design vision.

But what if I told you that the process of styling your home doesn’t always have to be difficult and you can do it yourself? Although keeping up with styling trends, colors and choosing the right furniture pieces isn’t always super simple, it is possible!

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I am sharing 20 styling tips for your home that have helped me through the years, and I know will help you as well. These 20 tips will help make your home look stylish and some styling tips require minimal effort and time.

20 Styling Tips For Your Home

Have a vision

Don’t know where to begin? Start with a blank canvas in your head and then on paper and begin putting your vision together to set the tone of the space.

Ask yourself questions like how do you want the room to feel? How will the room be used? What do you want the room to look like? Before you go all out styling, have a plan in place from that vision.

Keep balance in mind

Furniture, color and home décor accessories should all balance each other and look cohesive. Start with your furniture pieces and make sure they are to scale with the room. Next, make sure your wall art is balanced with your furniture.

Mix old with new

I love to sprinkle in new items with my favorite older pieces. Mixing old and new pieces (furniture, art or accessories) helps to create a more collected look in your room.

Play with color

What color pattern do you want in your space. Find items that complement the current color pallette and introduce those items. You can also go bolder or outside or your normal comfort zone with pops of color in accessory items, flowers or pillows.

Don’t forget the rugs

Start with a larger neutral rug as a base and layer on smaller rugs with pattern and color like I did in my son’s bedroom.

bedroom with bunk layered rug

By layering area rugs, this allows you to switch things up when you’re ready to change the look in a room. This method also helps to save money since the cost of the layering rug is less than your larger base rug.

Swap accessories around

Try alternating your accessories from room to room. I do this all the time with the coffee table in our Living Room. This simple tip helps give the room a new look just by moving a few of your favorite home decor accessories.

Give your space room to breathe

Since my personal style is more minimalistic, baskets and trays are a great idea in any room. They are not only a good catch all for items like keys, toys and misc. items, but also a great filler and decor item on a bookshelf and coffee table.

Showcase meaningful items

What decor items do you want to look at when you are in your space? I find that I would prefer to have things that are more meaningful to me and my family than just fillers on the table. Meaningful items also help to usher conversation with your guests.

Let your personality shine

Let your personality shine through the styling of the room. Do this through pillow colors, art work and home decor items. I believe the way a room is styled, should be a direct reflection of who uses the space.

Evaluate the lighting

Lighting is such an important component in any space. Evaluate what type of lighting is needed in your room and place lamps or install overhead lighting where it makes sense. Keep in mind, installing overhead lighting in your bedroom takes more time and money then placing new lamps on your bedside table.

Create impact

Display fun accessories on a bookshelf or coffee table or an art piece on the wall to create impact in your space.

Swap out pillows frequently

Nothing could be easier then swapping out throw pillows in your space. Choose pillows that work with the season to introduce a fresh new look to your chair and sofa.

Paint the walls

If you are looking to transform your room with color, paint is the way to go. Painting the walls can transform your space without a huge investment, just some time. If you are looking to go bold in a space without purchasing new pillows, accessories or art work, go buy a gallon of paint.

Add indoor plants and flowers

Adding indoor plants to a space is not only a great way to add color and texture, but is also good for the air quality in your room. Introduce seasonal colors and plants and randomly place them throughout your home.

Think about functionality

I am a big proponent about a space meeting the functionality needs vs just being a ‘nice to look at’ space. Before making big decisions on furniture purchases, try the space out first, to make sure that it functions the way you want it to.

Consider wallpaper

There are so many wallpaper options out there today. Most can easily be applied to an entire room or maybe just a focal wall. I love peel and stick options which are more temporary if you are looking for a short-term change or live in a space where traditional wallpaper is not an option.

Give new life to old decor items

My favorite tip when giving new life to old decor items is to use spray paint. Spray painting items a new color and in a different finish, will help to transform the item and make it look completely different and new again. I have done this recently with some table lamps.

Swap out furniture

Who says that piece of furniture has to live in the space forever. I occasionally am swapping out chairs and place them in different rooms in my home. This no-cost, minimal-time task can instantly change the look of a room.

Let the room grow and evolve

Styling a room in your home just the way you want doesn’t always happen overnight. Often times it takes living in a home to really get a feel of your space and how you want it to look. Rushing the process may mean more time and money spent to style it.

Love your space

Regardless of how things look to others, you need to love your space. There’s no greater feeling than walking into a room and loving the way it makes you feel each time you do.

Using these 20 styling tips for your home can do wonders to boost your mood and creativity. I know having a styled home helps me stay focused, inspired, and productive in my household. The best part is smiling every time I walk into my house after being gone for the day.

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