Linen Curtain Panels

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Linen curtain panels are long pieces of beautiful fabric that are used to frame a window or door. Curtain panels can be made from all kinds of fabric, such as cotton, silk or polyester, but I personally love the look of linen!

It is a great choice for curtains because it allows the fabric to be billowy and let light through! I also love that they offer a natural look and the fabric itself is incredibly durable, so they’ll last a long time.

I have found that linen curtains create a soft and relaxed vibe throughout my home. So today, I am dedicating this post to discuss linen curtain panels and how you can use them to create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Linen Curtain Panels

Linen Curtain Panels

One of my favorite aspects of using linen curtains is how they give my home such an airy, natural look. They’re also a wonderful option if you’re looking for a traditional or modern style in your space.

I especially love how the light filters through the material throughout the day. Sunrise or sunset, this beloved window treatment fabric lets the perfect amount of light through in a truly beautiful way.

Linen Curtain Ideas

Plus, if you’re looking to get your money’s worth, then linen is a perfect choice. It’s a durable fabric that never goes out of style and it’s so versatile that you can use them in practically any space.

Whether you’re hanging them in your living room, dining room, bedroom, or even a kid’s playroom, the natural linen curtain panels will match seamlessly! You can feel free to change up your decor or paint color as much as you want, and these curtains will refresh your home and provide the perfect base for the space.

Are Linen Curtains Good?

Yes, yes, and yes! When you’re choosing your fabric for curtains, I would highly recommend linen. Not only is linen a high-quality fabric, but it is also lightweight, textured, and laid back.

There is a reason that this option is a fast favorite for interior designers everywhere. Some other benefits to linen curtain panels are:

  • Non-allergenic
  • UV resistant – which means they would work wonderfully on a sunroom window treatment
  • Do not pill
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Naturally antimicrobial and mildew-resistant
How to Hang Linen Curtains

How To Hang Linen Curtains

Assemble your Tools

If you want to hang your curtains yourself, then you’d better make sure you have the right tools! Aside from the mounting hardware, you should also make sure you have a drill, screwdriver, tape measure, level, ladder, and pencil.

Find the Perfect Curtain Rod and Decide where to Hang it

Once you’ve picked out your curtain rod, you’ll need to decide where you’d like to place it. Most curtain rods are placed above and outside the window’s molding.

I like to place mine as high as possible to make the window appear larger! Take your pencil and mark down exactly where you’ve measured to be sure that the rod will be level and spaced evenly.

Linen Curtains in bedroom

Measure Curtain Lengths

Next, you will need to measure your window frame and decide on the length that you would like your linen curtain panels to be. Although most curtains come in standard lengths, you can also customize them to your exact specifications.

Add Some Flair

linen curtain designs

If you’ve hung your rod and curtains up and you’re thinking that something is still missing, not to worry! You can always add customizable curtain accessories like end cap finials, curtain rod brackets, or curtain tie-backs to add some flair!

Best Linen Curtain Panels

European Flax Linen Curtain

This beautiful option from West Elm is a definite favorite in my home, as I have them in my living room, bedroom, dining room and office! I have the cotton lining set, but they also offer a blackout lining and 3 different length options as well.

They come in many different color options but I’m partial to white, knowing I won’t have to swap them out even if my furniture and decor should change. These blend perfectly with the aesthetic of my house and they’re also great quality.

Pinch Pleat Darkening Drape

Next up, we have a lovely faux linen option from Amazon! If you want color and length options then you’re in luck, this set offers 14 different lengths and 38 different colors!

Pinch Pleat Darkening Drape

These beautiful curtains are unlined but they impede about 70% of light and UV rays. Plus, they come with adjustable pin hooks and please keep in mind that they are sold per panel!

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