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My first post, here we go!  Where to begin?  I’m actually not new to the blogging world.  My first experience was 8 years ago, but in a very different area of the blogging world.  We struggled to get pregnant with our first child and like many people dealing with fertility issues I took to the internet.

I found there was a whole blogging community who understood exactly what I was experiencing, and we could share in our struggles together.  Blogging became therapeutic, and comments from strangers were so uplifting during a difficult time.  Before I knew it real friendships had formed and I met several of my blogging friends in real life.  And over time we all successfully had those first babies we blogged about for months and months.

Now fast forward 8 years and four pregnancies and two moves later, I’m returning to my passion of blogging.  But this time with a much different focus.  My family recently went through something difficult, and a direct result of this was the immediate need for change.  My husband and I have both lived in the Chicago area for our whole lives, making a small commute to Champaign-Urbana for undergrad, where we happened to meet our sophomore year.

We contemplated picking up and moving somewhere like California, anywhere for the fresh start we were looking for.  I happened to check the MLS as we made this decision, and a new listing popped up ironically for a lot in our current neighborhood.  It was a teardown house a couple blocks away, and we ran over to check it out.  As soon as I saw it I knew it would be our new home.  The minute we walked onto the property it just felt right, it truly was one of those moments where I saw life flash before my eyes.

We could build a forever home here, I could see my children growing up here, and most importantly we could be happy here for a very long time.  The process of building our new home was exactly what we needed during that time.  The perfect thing to dump all my energy into, which wasn’t much as I found out I was pregnant with our 4th a couple months later.

During the design process I found I had a true passion for all things home design.  I scoured instagram and bloggers alike to make sure that I got every detail just right, and loved that there were so many out there willing to share their creativeness with the blogging world.  I’m hoping with this blog to share my journey in design and decorating with you, in addition to other topics, and maybe get a chance to thank and acknowledge the ones who inspired me.  Building this home has been such a gift at just the right moment for our little family, and I feel blessed each and every day that I get to share this journey with them…and hopefully now you!

My husband Ryan, and children Aubrey (6), Logan (4), Brooklyn (2), and Hunter (10 months).



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