Entry Table Decor

Entry tables are most often tall and slim console tables that are used to display decor or for extra storage. They’re super popular and often one of the most prominent furniture pieces in a home.

Finding a beautiful entry table is important because it is most likely the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home. So putting a little effort into styling your entry table is definitely a good idea!

A well-styled entry table can show your personality, create a good impression and be a good conversation topic. So today, I’m sharing a roundup of entry table decor ideas that you can use as inspiration!

Entry Table Decorations


Vases are one of the most versatile decorative items because you can literally display them in every area of your home. But I particularly like to display a beautiful vase of flowers on my entryway table for a good first impression for my guests.

Entry Table Decor Ideas

They’re also a great option because you can find them in every type of texture, color, shape, and size! A weathered terracotta vase like this would tie in perfectly with neutral entry table decor.

I also love this cane vase which add beautiful texture and makes a dramatic statement to any entry! Be sure to grab some pretty faux greenery to use with it!

Bowls and Trays

Bowls and trays are perfect pieces for your entry table because they’re beautiful and functional. You can use them as a designated spot for your keys and you can always play around with various colors, shapes, and textures to create the perfect look.

Entry Table Decoration

I personally love this gorgeous ruffle marble bowl which is a super fun Amazon find! Or this cast metal gold tray is the perfect spot for a yummy smelling candle on your console table!


Baskets are another practical decorative item that is perfect for tucking away pieces of clutter that you don’t want your guests to see! I love to use a beautiful woven basket under my entry table because it fills up an otherwise empty space and it adds a touch of texture to the space.

These gorgeous rattan woven baskets are perfect for an entryway and they would tie in wonderfully with other farmhouse entry table decor. Or if you want to try some baskets in a lighter tone, these rattan baskets from Target would also work beautifully.

Table Lamps

In my opinion, most areas of a house can always use more soft lighting options and the entryway is no exception! Table lamps are definitely a practical choice when it comes to styling your entryway, but they can also really elevate the look of your space as well.

table lamps

For a large entry table, you can opt for a pair of matching lamps to create a symmetrical look. But as far as small entry table decor goes, a tasteful average-sized lamp like this one would work just as well!


Books are basically an interior designer’s staple when it comes to decorating a home. They’re aesthetically pleasing, they make you look well-read and they’re a great conversation starter.

I love to switch them out each season but especially during the Winter holidays to add to my Christmas entry table decor. But in general, coffee table books like this one from Amazon are a perfect base if you’re wanting to create a cute little book stack.

Framed Photographs

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your entry table, then try adding a cute picture frame featuring one of your favorite family photos. This is the perfect way to greet your guests as they enter your home and a perfect excuse for you to show off your beautiful family!

I love this cute little scalloped frame from Amazon for an entry table. Or if you already have a little canvas print then you can display it on this little easel!


Mirrors are a perfect addition to an entry table because they create a sense of height and offer a focal point. Not to mention they’re ideally located for those “quick checks” as you come & go!

This large arched mirror would be a stunning addition to the console table and would certainly make a statement. Plus, using large mirrors in small entryways is a great way to make the space look larger!


Greenery is always a welcome addition to any area of the home but works especially well in an entryway. What better way to enter a home than with a vibrant burst of green!?

greenery decor

Plus, they’re an easy piece to switch out as you update your decor throughout the seasons! These beautiful faux plum stems would match perfectly with some Fall entry table decor or these Amazon faux stems are a beautiful year-round option!

How To Style Entry Tables

How To Style Entry Tables
Start with a Quality Foundation

Before you can start decorating, you need to find the perfect entry table for your home! Make sure to keep in mind the size of the table compared to the size of your entryway.

For example, in a small space, a small entry table would work best. Also, in general, a narrow table is the best choice for an entryway.

Create a Cohesive Look

The primary thing to keep in mind when styling a console table is to make sure the decor complements the interior design of the rest of your house. Similarly to picking accent table decor, you want to make sure the items you’re displaying create a cohesive look!

Plus, don’t be afraid to play around with different shapes and textures for your table, so long as they match your aesthetic!

Make it Functional

To get the best use out of your entry table you should make sure that is functional as well as decorative. Think about the things that you need to grab as you head out the door and incorporate items that will help you.

This is where trays and bowls can be a big help. They work wonderfully as a catch-all for your keys, wallet, or other miscellaneous items.

Choose Decor Purposefully

Although it may be tempting, try not to just toss any random decorative items onto your table. Just as would with coffee table styling, try to choose decorations that complement each other as well as the surrounding area.

For example, If you’re planning on displaying a tall vase then also try to add a short bowl to balance the height difference. Or if you’re looking to anchor your table, pick out a favorite piece of art or a large mirror to display above it!

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