Fall Pillows for your Living Room

Decorating is one of my favorite things and I always tend to start in my living room. One of the best ways to change up your living room each season is by using throw pillows. They are a creative yet subtle way to change the feel of your space without a total room overhaul.

Playing with color, textures, patterns can definitely contribute to the ambience of your space. In fall I’m all about cozy vibes, and love bringing in some fall colors and pretty texture. Today I am sharing a roundup of Fall pillows for your living room as well as tips on how to style them without looking too overdone.

Fall Pillows for your Living Room

7 Fall Pillows for Your Living Room

Leaf-themed Pillows

Leaf-themed pillows are a great choice for Fall decorative pillows because it’s an easy way to bring the essence of the outdoors into your home. You can choose pillows with subtle neutral-colored leaves or some displaying classic warm fall colors. If you’re not a fan of bold, bright prints then there are also lots of leaf-themed options that are more subtle and elegant.

Striped Pillows

Pillows with a strip pattern are a perfect way to add some dimension to your couch. Pair them with a solid-colored pillow or one with a lovely floral pattern to create the perfect balance. This striped pillow from this Colin + Finn set is a great example. I love the symmetry that this pillow combination creates, its perfect for Fall!

Plaid Pillows

Plaid is a classic pattern that is perfect for Fall decor. One of the best things about plaid is that you can incorporate many different colors into one pillow! It doesn’t matter what color palette you’ve chosen, there is always a plaid color combination that will fit. It would go especially well on your couch if you paired it with a neutral pillow, to create some balance. This set from Colin + Finn includes a beautiful plaid pillow that would look amazing in any living room!

Living room featuring couch with striped and floral patterned decorative pillows

Pumpkin Design Pillows

Pumpkins are the quintessential fall mascot, which means that there is a ton of fall decor out there that features them. Some of it can be tacky but you can also find pumpkin decorative pillows that are quite tasteful. If you’re not a fan of orange, not to worry, there are plenty of pumpkin-themed pillows that use a more subtle neutral palette. This fall pillow from Target is the perfect example.

Woven Pillows

If you’re looking to incorporate some more texture into your living space, then woven pillows are the way to do it. The right woven pillow can give a warm, earthy vibe to your couch, which is exactly what the Fall season is all about! I love this one from Colin + Finn. The camel color paired with the woven white stripes are a lovely Fall combination.

Velvet Pillows

Velvet is a lovely material to incorporate into your home decor. It adds the perfect amount of lush texture while also bringing a sense of coziness to the space. You can find many velvet pillows in perfect Fall shades such as rust, crimson, eggplant, and green. This velvet pillow from McGee and Co. comes in a rich moss color and would pair perfectly with a neutral cotton pillow.

Floral Pillows

Floral patterns are another great way to incorporate some color into your living space. If you have a neutral-colored couch, then you can use a more vibrant floral pillow for that perfect pop of color. Or you can choose a floral pattern with a subdued color palette if you’re wanting to keep things more neutral. I love this floral pillow in this set from Colin + Finn. It’s a lovely orange-hued pillow with a white embroidered floral pattern across the surface, perfect for Fall!

Living room with white couches and colored throw pillows

How to Style Throw Pillows for Fall

Choose a Color Palette

Whether you’re wanting a vibrant pillow display or a more subtle neutral look, it’s important to choose a color palette you love. If you choose too many colors from various palettes, then the colors can clash and give off a chaotic vibe to your living room. A safe bet for Fall decor would be to choose warm, subdued hues such as rust, moss, terracotta, or camel.

Use Groupings of 2-3 Pillows

To balance your couch or armchair perfectly, choose groupings of 2 to 3 pillows. A smaller couch or armchair should only have groups of two, but a larger couch could look more balanced with groups of 3. You can change this according to your personal preference and according to how much open space you would prefer your couch to have.

Mix Sizes, Patterns, and Textures

This is the fun part of decorating for fall, mixing and matching until you find the perfect combination. It’s important to mix sizes, patterns, and textures in each group of pillows. For example, you can have a large floral pillow paired with a medium-sized striped neutral one, then finish it off with a small solid-colored lumbar pillow. This creates a balanced look for your space.

Collage of Colin + Finn Fall Pillows for your living room

If you’re looking for some more Fall decorative inspiration for other rooms of your house, then check out my post here!

xo, Andrea
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