How to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

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I don’t know about you, but I love a console table! They’re the perfect addition to your home because they’re small enough to fit in any space but can also be used for storage or decor.

Every season I look forward to switching up my console table decor and giving my house an extra dose of seasonal ambiance. Decorating a console table for Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated, a simple addition here or there can make a huge difference.

So, today I am going to guide you on how to decorate a console table for Christmas to bring some Holiday cheer to your home.

Tips on How to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

Choose a Theme

Picking a central theme for your console table will help to create a sense of balance and flow to your display. Popular Christmas themes to try are neutral, green and red, natural or silver and gold theme.

I personally love to decorate using neutral themes because the decorations are easy to style, and you don’t have to worry about anything clashing.

Pick an Anchor

An anchor is also often referred to as a statement piece. Placing your anchor on the wall above your console table will visually draw the eye and therefore “anchor” it.

But when choosing how to decorate your console table for Christmas, you can try using a bold Christmas print, lush Christmas wreath, or even just a simple mirror or clock.

Use Various Heights and Textures

Using objects of varying heights is the best way to create visual interest. Vases or candles are a popular option because they often already come in varying heights and it’s easy to integrate them into your other Christmas decor pieces.

Add Natural Objects

Decorating with natural objects is the best way to give your console table a festive and rustic look. Vibrant green garlands, wreaths, pinecones, leaves, or berries are all excellent natural decorative pieces.

Plus, they all fit in perfectly with Christmas decor! I love to use natural materials in my decorating because they bring the magic of the outdoors inside my home.

Decorate Using Odd Numbers

There is a rule when it comes to decorating, and that is to always decorate using odd numbers (3,5, etc.). Using odd numbers will naturally draw your eye and will also create a more memorable and appealing display.

Keep it Simple

One of my absolute favorite pieces of advice when it comes to decorating is to keep it simple. A console table is often a narrow surface, so too many decorations can make it look cluttered and busy.

Find a few Christmas-themed pieces that draw your eye, follow the tips listed above, keep it simple, and you’ll have a console table display that everyone will love.

My Favorite Christmas Console Table Decor


Although garlands can be used in basically every area of the house during Christmastime, I love to add them to my console table as well. It’s the perfect way to add a natural touch to your decor and the lush green color screams Christmas!

This garland from Target is one of my absolute favorites. I love the mixture of cedar and eucalyptus, and its super affordable for only $30! For more options check out my blog of my favorite garlands here.

Candlesticks and Candles

One of the best Christmas decor options for a console table are candlesticks. Display them in odd numbers like the rule I mentioned above and get them in varying heights to create the best look.

This will draw the eye and tie your other Christmas decor together perfectly. Plus, they also add some height to the display which will give it an overall grander look.

These brass candlesticks from Amazon are a personal favorite! They will fit in perfectly if you have a neutral themed display and they’re very affordable.

Decorative Christmas Trees

Don’t forget to add to add those little touches of Christmas to your Console table! I love to use little decorative trees on mine.

You can find them in all different types of colors and textures which makes them an easy addition to your decor. You can use neutral themed ones like this one, shiny gold ones like this one from Target, or natural wooden ones like these! Nothing says Christmas like a cute little Christmas Tree!


Bells are another Christmas decoration that can be incorporated into many different areas of the home. But I love to add them to my console table decor.

Large or small, these beautiful decorations are sure to draw the eye and add the perfect festive touch. Add a classic brass bell like this one or try a set of 3 like these gorgeous bells from Amazon.

Christmas Prints

Hanging a beautiful Christmas print above your console table is the best way to anchor the space. Or, if you would prefer not to hang it then you can always just lean it against the wall!

How to Decorate a Console Table for Christmas

The best part is that you can easily find a print that will work with whatever theme you’ve chosen. Oftentimes I’ve found that Christmas prints are really just winter themed, but that’s fine too!

I love this snowy pine print from Collection Prints. It’s the perfect neutral print that also comes in several different sizes and can be used all winter long!

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