Organizing Closets with The Container Store

Happy Friday everyone! I’m am SO excited about this post, and to share my newly organized and upgraded kids’ closets thank you to The Container Store! Right now The Container Store is having their annual closet essentials sale, so it was the perfect time to finally get organized.

When we built our home 2 years ago, we decided to use The Container Store‘s Elfa products for our kids’ closets. We loved that Elfa is completely adjustable and could grow with our kids AND the size of their clothes as needed! There are also so many options that can fit any budget. For our budget purposes we stuck with the most basic options, in attempt to save a little money as we neared the end of our building process.

I’d like to think of myself as a pretty organized person, but I’m the first to admit my children are major hoarders and the “stuff” piled up, and their closets became a great place to hide all the crap! Well luckily The Container Store and their amazing organizing options have totally transformed these spaces.  We also upgraded their closets by adding some of the Elfa Decor products we didn’t utilize when we first installed the closets.

I’m so excited about these reveals, and I’m going to share all the products I used for these closet makeovers!

Organizing Closets with The Container Store

Boys Shared Closet

My two sons share a large closet, and since my little guy was just born when we moved into our home, it was important to us to be able to adjust this space as needed down the road.  You can see in the before photo this closet was a complete mess! There was so much amazing shelf space that was just not being fully utilized.

Boys Shared Closet | Organizing Closets with The Container Store

Organizing Closets with The Container Store

I started with these White Storage Bins as a catch all for the smaller items such as diapers, wipes, swimsuits, baseball hats and even better now its all hidden away nice and neat.  I then used these larger Woven Storage Bins to store extra packs of diapers and bed linens.  Yay for no more diaper boxes on the ground!

I used four of these Woodgrain Storage boxes for keepsakes and special items for each of my little guys, I just love the leather handle detailing and their pretty color. On the top shelf I chose these Cotton Canvas open bins to store less used items.  Old baby blankets, old sports jerseys, hand me down shoes/clothes for little brother…and I know exactly where everything is thanks to the clear labels!

Finally I used two of these cute Jute Bins for shoe storage on the floor for each of my sons! You may also notice how awesome the Elfa Decor items look, like the white fascia that trims out each shelf now.  I also added these awesome Elfa drawer dividers to keep all their little clothes better organized!

Tips for Organizing Closets

little boys closet

Older Daughter’s Closet

My daughter’s benefitted from much of the same storage bins in their closets. One thing I added for them was this Shoe Stacker, yes both my girls have already developed a love for their shoes! They both also got some upgraded Elfa Decor and drawer dividers!

Older Daughter's Closet

Older Daughter's Closet organization

Closet organization hacks

little girls closet

little girls organized closet

Organizing Closets with The Container Store

Younger Daughter’s Closet

Younger Daughter's Closet

Organizing Closets with The Container Store

Organizing Closets with The Container Store

It’s amazing how these products from The Container Store completely transformed these closets! And while my kids may still be hoarders, at least there is some organization to all the junk they may accumulate from now on! Don’t forget their annual closet essentials sale is running now through May 19th. Hundreds of closet storage products are up to 25% off! I’m linking all my faves for you below! Happy shopping!

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