Pretty New Art with Framebridge

Today I’m so excited to reveal this beautiful corner of my bedroom, thanks to Sarah Nightingale and her beautiful art, and Framebridge for making it so easy to frame this pretty canvas.  I had been looking for the perfect piece of art for our master bedroom for months, when I stumbled upon Sarah Nightingale’s page on Instagram. One of the reasons I absolutely love Instagram is finding sources for beautiful items, that you would never have found otherwise!

Pretty New Art with Framebridge

Pretty New Art with Framebridge

I completely fell in love with Sarah’s beautiful work, and knew it would be perfect for my home! On the other side of our bedroom is my gallery wall, which features some of my most favorite family pictures taken in one of my favorite places, the beach!

I knew I wanted something to compliment my photo gallery, but also something I would love just as much. When I saw Sarah’s High Tide print I knew it would be perfect piece to wake up to every morning! I love that it takes me right to the beach and all the amazing family memories we have there.

Framebridge Review

I ordered the canvas, but now I needed to frame it! I’ve framed items in the past at a local frame shop, but found it to be crazy expensive! I had never used Framebridge before, but had heard great things about how easy they make the process.  I went to their website to start browsing their beautiful frames and quickly found the perfect option for my new canvas, and even better it was actually priced affordably!

Once you checkout, Framebridge makes the entire process so easy from start to finish! They send you the packaging material to ship whatever you’re framing to them, and then turn it around quickly and ship it right back…communicating with you throughout the whole process!

They want the items you choose to frame for you home to be perfect, and they stand by their services and guarantee 100% satisfaction or they’ll work with you to get it just right! I truly couldn’t be happier with the way our frame turned out, and it’s the perfect compliment to our new gorgeous art!

Sarah's High Tide print

I will definitely be heading back to Framebridge for all my future framing needs. Whether you’re uploading a photo, mailing in art, or have a special keepsake you’d like framed, they have you covered.  And with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day quickly approaching, framing something memorable could be the perfect gift for the special people in your life!

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