Neutral Christmas Decor

It’s the time of year to start decorating for Christmas! I love this season and all of the amazing decorations that come with it. This year I’m especially excited to be decorating with neutral Christmas decor.

Oftentimes the traditional red and green colors of Christmas can be too bold for everybody’s liking. Luckily beige, white, and black color palettes are trending in interior design now! Neutral decors can look chic and festive at the same time, especially when you already have an existing neutral aesthetic. So today I am sharing a roundup of beautiful neutral Christmas decor that’s calming but can still fill your home with the holiday vibe!

Neutral Christmas Decor

6 Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas

Neutral Stockings

I love to use neutral-colored stockings for Christmas. Oftentimes, when your stockings are hanging from a decorated mantel, it can create a nice contrast to use a neutral color. It can create a nice balance between the decor, or if you’re going for a completely neutral color scheme, then stockings are the perfect addition. I love these stockings from Target, and the chunky knit material can also add some lovely texture to your display.

Neutral stockings decor

Stocking Holders

You need something to hold those stockings up, so why not add in some beautiful neutral-colored holders? These marble stocking holders are a great choice, and they add the perfect natural touch. I also love these cute resin house stocking holders. I love the idea of creating a little winter village on your mantle above your stockings!

Tree Skirt/Stand

Whether you’re decorating your tree in a completely neutral theme or decking it in every Christmas color in the world, a neutral tree skirt or stand is the perfect way to balance it. This stunning Balsam Hill tree skirt from Nordstrom is such a pretty option. I love the coziness of the faux fur, and the ivory color is perfect! Or, if you’d prefer to use a tree stand, this stunning woven tree collar is a must-have. Plus, it’s a great way to add a touch of neutral texture to your Christmas tree.

Tree skirt

Christmas Tree Ornaments

I will often decorate my Christmas trees with neutral-themed ornaments because there is something classic about them that I really love. These vintage-inspired ornaments from Walmart are a beautiful set of neutral Christmas decor, and they’re a great deal for less than $5! Looking to splurge a little, then I highly recommend these Balsam Hill ornaments. I have a set myself and they are stunning!

With the addition of using neutral ornaments and warm white Christmas lights on the tree, I also like to add wooden garlands. This wood beaded garland is a great example, and I love that it comes in a 9ft strand!

Christmas Tree Ornaments neutral decor

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to add a subtle touch of Christmas to your living room. If you’re not a fan of having bold, bright colors on your couch, then neutral-themed pillows are the way to go. I love this rib knit throw pillow from Target. Another great option is this pillow from TJ Maxx. The grey pillow and the ivory trees are both lovely neutral tones and they match very well.

Holiday houses

Holiday houses are one of my favorite Christmas decorations. I love to add these cute little villages to my mantel or my coffee table in the living room. They often come in neutral colors, like white or sometimes they’re made of wood. This simple wooden set from Wayfair is a lovely option that’s still in stock, and I like that it comes with 7 pieces!

Holiday decor ideas

Christmas Decorating Tips

Buy Decorations Early

The best way to make sure you can have the festive house of your dreams is to buy Christmas decorations early! The most popular (and often the best-priced) decorations can sell out fast. So, once you’ve decided how you’d like to decorate your home for Christmas this year, run out and buy the decor that you love. Check out my blog post here for more tips on Christmas decor to buy early.

Less is More

It’s easy to get swept away with the Holiday cheer this time of year, but sometimes adding too much decor in one space can make it look cluttered. Try to plan your decor around the rooms that you’re planning on using the most and focus your attention there first. Find 1-3 key elements that will draw the eye and then maybe add a few small touches. Having less clutter in your home will also leave more space for guests to mingle at your fabulous Christmas parties!

Holiday decor inspiration
Choose a Color Scheme

As I mentioned before, I love to incorporate a neutral theme in my decorating. I find that neutral Christmas Decor is a timeless option and that I’m less likely to grow tired of it over the years. But in general, finding a color scheme that you love will help to create a flow between each room of your home and provides a sense of balance to your decor.

Neutral Christmas Decor Ideas
Clean Before Decorating

Whether you love to clean or not, this is an absolute must when it comes to decorating. Most people start decorating in November, which means that your house will be full of decor for a month or more! Once you’ve added your decor it makes it almost impossible to clean around, so cleaning beforehand is very important!

xo, Andrea
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